Obvious Fanzine
Formerly Cunt Fear
"True Bay Area Underground Mishaps"
August 2005 Issue

by Ginger Coyote


Oblivious is a fun zine and reminds me of Punk Globe in it's first year. Xeroxed and Stapled together. Miss Oblivious has some fun articles and good photo's (Taken by Miss Oblivious) on The Clifton's, The Vex, Circle Jerks, Duane Peters Gun Fight, Veronica Lip Gloss and  The Evil Eyes, DJ Rion and some tasty CD Reviews and Show reviews from all over the SF/ San Jose Area. Check it out . There is no cover price so send a  SASE to the address below. Include a long envelope and 3 37 Cent Stamps attached to insure getting this zine.

            PO Box 111
          San Martin, CA 95046
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