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Greatest Hits
By: Lisa Booth
There is a good gig type feel running order of this collection of the band's best singles This is supposed to be the perfect Oasis gig! so is it.. well There's over 130 minutes of music here with what shows how much Time Flies which shows this is just Oasis and their 19-year life of their good old music.. But for a band who stuck to a way of their own, they sure did change the style and themed of first of imaginations of a Beatles cover band.! Supersonic, I'm Outta Time, is so very different to then Liam's angry pissed attitude,and Noels clean new cut self have emerged a total different noise and sound of Oasis to here and now then and now, I love the classics as we all would and do and did, Supersonic, Don't Look Back In Anger are what made them, Champagne Supernova and Don't Look Back in Anger I heard You Say are Whispering Voices. Shakermakers are rare as Gold Dust Right Now, and a few tunes that they really should play live, They of course have set a standard or two. As one of The Best 'British' rock bands now of all times just like they re first sounds of The Beatles like type sounds., all because they made some pretty awesome Tunes, had bad attitude and bad boy image, and it sure as hell worked very very well for them. They hit my big music era time from 1994- 2009 and they did mix a good bunch up well here,epic in fact! The way these particular songs crash landed their way through everybody's mind body & soul made them huge has empowered the nation you have to put your hat up to them and I think we know they will surely be remembered as a massive huge Rock n Roll band from The UK when you compared to bands like The Jam Madness Beatles and so on.. I think they will be there, So I'd def say this bands collection is one good collection,and all fans will love it, and it will step them into the next generation and leave 2010 with this greatest hits, and we can then wonder what is next for the new next generation to come around the corner?