"http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> NOTHING BUT ENEMIES
By: Michael Rys
When you get to be my age surprises are not always welcome or surprising at all. For me,I still like surprises,sometimes.Things like ,"dang the kids left a piece of apple pie for me in the fridge",'oh you have Strohs beer ,on tap", or "wow the carpet does match the curtains". Those are the surprises I like. Usually new music finding its way to my inbox or mail box is met with an certain guarded excitement but when I'm surprised by how good the musical content is..now that's rare and one of the things that makes it all worth it. Nothing But Enemies new CD" Creepy Crawl" was just the surprise I needed. I know virtually nothing about the bands background musically or otherwise. They are from the Boston Ma area ( are they putting bad ass in the water there lately or what) is about the extent of my knowledge. Doesn't matter though. This CD is cranking with piles of punk rock angst,pissed off anti social,chunkiness. I hear old school influences like Discharge, Chaos UK, Subhumans, and others.Basically an 80's English sound. Considering the old school sound it does not dwell or rest on that. Manages to sound very fresh n new. Churning guitars provided by Pickle Buckets and Sgt Major Asshole manage to dominate the over sound of the CD but remain simple and what the songs call for. Lord Cuntington( bass) and Fester Walnuts grind out the rhythm section for Nothing But Enemies and you can hear them up in the mix in a few songs and they do kick tail for sure. My only issue with this CD is that the bass and drums are too far down in the mix but this is a personal taste thing.. The major difference and factor taking Nothing But Enemies from good to fucking great is the vocals.Opie the groups singer if he's not a bonified pissed off nut case than he does a fantastic job impersonating one in recording studio. I imagine this probably translates to some blistering live shows too. 12 Songs on the CD Creepy Crawl and although the pace of the songs starts slow with the noise rocker Everyday Mobsters Fanfare the pace picks up and the songs become more and more intense by the time you reach song 12 Ironic Evolution. You'll hear touches of various punk style through out this CD form hardcore,77 punk, noise,and street punk.Nothing But Enemies Creepy Crawl is my pick of the month , and I think punk rockers young and old would really dig em too .Favorite songs on the CD include Creepy Crawl,Dropout,Cats Head Split Open, and Another day Of Nothing
Check the band out for yourself at http://www.myspace.com/nothingbutenemiesscff
CD Available at www.patacrecords.com and www.welfarerecords.net