No Thanks
Demo from 1982/CBGBs Live 1983
by Carl Macki

No Thanks
Demo from 1982


Donna Damage -- Vox
Rob U. -- Guitarist/Songwriter
Jimi -- Bass
Seth (R.I.P.) --Drums


Are You Ready To Die?
Party's Over
Are You Ready?
Who Me?
Bullshit Inc.
Fuck The Past
Strange Day In Quiet Town

No Thanks? What about Yes, Thanks?!? This band has blazed trails that are still burning, as this 1982 demo demonstrates. Frontman Donna Damage's vocal delivery may leave you hanging. She won't throw you into the brook for no good reason: every season is spawning season. It's fast, articulate and well decided hardcore/punk at its unfiltered best!!!

No Thanks
CBGBs Live 1983

Donna Damage -- Vocals
Jimi -- Guitar
Seth (R.I.P.) -- Drums
Jaime -- Bass


Surfin Ave. A
Disgusting Fools
Office Jerk/Rat Cheese
Happy Under The Sea
Little Minds
Question The Revolution
F*** Everything


As an artifact of the hardcore music scene in New York during the early to mid 80s this live recording can hardly be surpassed. The sound is rough and punctuated with ambient noise, Donna Damage is over done with her straightaway vocals A lot of the material is from their impossibly rare seven inch.  It starts with a rather mellow "Surfin' Ave. A" then switches gears--and focus. This is loud and fast as fuck. This band has many cool songs to share, and it is good for all interested in recent musical history that these two discs are out.

Also see Navigator: Donna Damage, Jaime (No Thanks); R.B.Korbet -- bass; and Keifer Modoreefer -- drums.



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