San Francisco
Board of Supervisors

Plans New
"Noise Control Ordinance"

Supervisor Tom Ammiano has introduced "Noise Control Ordinance" legislation to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors that updates how the city regulates loud noise from mechanical sources like garbage trucks, ventilation systems, along with bass and drum noise from nightclubs.

H.E.A.R., a nonprofit organization, supports
"Noise Control Ordinance" limits on noise levels in the city.

Kathy Peck, Co-founder and Executive Director of H.E.A.R. 
has stated

"This new legislation is important in protecting San Franciscans' ears from hearing damage and nuisance noise. 

"We congratulate 
Supervisor Tom Ammiano 
and the Entertainment Commission 
who are also supporting
Supervisor Ammiano's efforts
to guide the city to a responsible plan that may help to prevent permanent hearing loss."

In related news. Kathy Peck also reported on the San Francisco Music & Culture Charter Amendment.

This charter amendment has been drafted by musicians, artists, community event organizers, residents and citizens who are deeply concerned about the survival of San Francisco’s world famous musical and cultural heritage.

A citywide development boom has placed pressure on the few areas of San Francisco that are appropriate for outdoor events such as parades, street fairs and music festivals as well as nightlife venues.

These venues and events are increasingly subject to ever more restrictive policies that threaten their survival. Outdoor event organizers have been forced to organize politically in response to numerous policy changes that threatened their events.Nightclubs, music halls and performance venues report similar pressures and threat levels.



The San Francisco Music and Culture Charter Amendment is intended to stabilize and preserve San Francisco’s music venues, nightlife and outdoor cultural events. The Charter Amendment will:

   1. Add a new Music and Culture Sustainability Policy to the City charter. This policy will give guidance to City departments, emphasizing the importance of protecting cultural events and venues.
   2. Mandate interdepartmental coordination for policymaking and permits for venues and events.
   3. Create an appropriate appeals process for the Recreation and Parks and Port Commissions. Permits issued by these agencies will have an appeal allowed at the Board of Permit Appeals.
   4. Provide full staffing for the Entertainment Commission.
   5. Create an interdepartmental online permit issuance system for entertainment venues and outdoor cultural events.
   6. Direct research by the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau on the economic benefits of San Francisco music venues and cultural events.

(Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers)
is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention of hearing loss 
from loud music and noise through education and grassroots advocacy. 
For more information about hearing loss visit H.E.A.R. at

Kathy Peck, Executive Director, H.E.A.R.

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