December 2017


Dazed The Film

DAZED received an Honorable Mention Award at LA Underground Festival! November 19,2017


Los Angeles Movie Awards Past Winners include Samuel Jackson, Ron Howard, Rosanna Arquette, Sandra Oh, Daniel Baldwin and Malcom McDowell among others. DAZED is among the best.


"Overwhelmed with talent, one young man's struggle between the nightmarish world of addiction, his music and the woman who forces a choice."

Based on The DAZED Novel Series by Nikki Palomino DAZED: The Film: Directors and Cinematographers Jason Herring & Ezra Spurrier, Producer and Written by Nikki Palomino, Editor Ezra Spurrier Starring David Brackett, Cortney Palm, Cerene Shepard, Mariel Noir, Rob Westin, Ginger Coyote Punk Globe Magazine, "Disco" Dave Johansen, Johnny Ray, Music: Brian Kroll & Mike Wuerth, Production Assistant: Ashley Evans, Make-up: Alondra Excene Shields, Hair:Tate Whitney. Filmed in Los Angeles, California.

All pix by Ezra Spurrier/Jason Herring

Nikki Palomino

Showtime's TV Series Shameless Season 8 with supporting role of Duran played by David Brackett, lead actor 2016 DAZED the film Los Angeles Movie Awards winner for Best Experimental film.

Winner of Best Shorts June 2017

Finalists: 2017

Southeastern Film and Music Festival Finalist November 2-3, 2017, Gulf Coast Film Festival Finalist September 29, 2017, Rome Film Festival World Presentation screening October 28, 2017,

Miami Short Films Finalist Coming 2018 due to Hurricane Irma

Pre-selection: 2017-2018

Washington Film Festival, New York State Film Festival, New Zealand Film Awards, Atlanta Award-Qualifying Film Festival Film Festival, Toronto International Independent Film Festival, Vancouver Filmdance Festival, Cinema New York Festival, Cinema LA Festival,Gala del Cinema Internazionale, Oxford International Film Festival.


COMING in the future DAZED the film as a documentary/docudrama featuring those artists who have fought with the devil and while some lost, many have survived the nightmarish world of addiction. Nikki Sixx, Steven Tyler, Joe Clifford, and more and featuring talent from across the universe.

Teens in Recovery RecoveryHub Rehab, Light of Hope https://www.facebook.com/alightofhope/ Covenant House https://covenanthousecalifornia.org/nikkisixx/ Musicians Against Abuse https://www.facebook.com/maabuse/ National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Call 1-800-273-8255 24/7

Steven Tyler feat. Slash - Dream On (live, 2014)

SouthEastern International Film Festival