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Nihilist Cunt
"You're Next"
Suburban White Trash Records
By: Ginger Coyote
Side A
County Hospital
Unrealistic Dreams
Throwaway Society
The End

Side B
Generation ADD
Skate Killer
Sodomize Religion/ Corporate Terrorist
Where were Nihilist Cunt at in Modesto when The White Trash Debutantes played at The T and Greens there. For that matter where was Modesto native the late Marian Anderson lead singer of the Insaints? Nihilist Cunt are a four piece band consisting of Becca Burk on haunting vocals, Tony Ramos on bass while Nasty Nate 40's holds down the rhythm section on drums.. David Hapless also on vocals and guitar. Best described the band sounds alot like Nausea.. So if you dig them this is the record to buy!