My Night On Stage With BLONDIE
July 21, 2007  Victoria Park - London, England
By Dutch Michaels


I swear I was crying my eyes out for half the set as I was living back in the seventy's, Blondie were not only superb but they brought back pleasant memories of the past! The best bit was when Chris was doing along solo for Rapture which has the old rap, then solo, then the new 2007 rap which sent the audience over edge,(phew), Debbie looked up at the projection screen expecting to see the band and saw her self instead and sort of quivered then stopped has she realized that was being seen as well, then she strutted out on stage laughing with herself. I tried to make eye contact to share the joke but it didn't happen. But that brought Me back to the present and I danced the rest or the set on the side of the stage on the highest tide ever! I don't need to go over the set list cause you know her!

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