May 1 1978- September 20 1997

This year marks the 10 year Anniversary that Nick Traina passed away.. It seems like only yesterday when I heard the news of his passing.. I was numb from shock.. I called his house and got a message with his voice on it .. It must have been a dream... It was all an awful dream... It could not be true.. I had just spoken to Nick the night before he was so elated about a show he played at The Bomb Shelter.. 
It is now been ten years since his passing and I still think about that day in 1997 when I got the news and the series of events that followed his passing. Visiting his body at the Funeral Home on Sutter Street. Counseling with Danielle about his life and passing. And finally the beautiful Funeral with the thousands of Yellow Roses  at Grace Cathedral.
His Mother Danielle Steel asked me to contribute my memories of my friendship with Nick for her book  "His Bright Light" about him... 
Whenever I read the book it brings tears to my eyes.....   
Nicky was a special friend and I miss him dearly.. Below are the words to the song I wrote for him right after his death..

Ginger Coyote

The White Trash Debutantes - Hey Nick...You Did Okay

Written By Ginger Coyote of The White Trash Debutantes

You left this Earth… Way To Soon
But I See You Now
Every Time I look At The Stars and The Moon
That Cute Little Twinkle In Your Eye
Is Now Right Up There in The Evening Sky

You Were A Rebel Even As Child
Never Boring, Bland Or Mild
You Did It With Style in Your Own Way
Hey Nick, I Just Wanna Say You Did Okay

Verse 2

Although Your Life Was Way To Short
You Were Always A Pal … Who Gave Me Support
And When You Put Your Words Into Song You Were Never At A Loss
And When It Came To Talk Shows You Knew Jerry Springer Was The Boss

Hey Nick! You Did Okay (4 Times)

 Verse 3

Although You Are No Longer Here
I Can Still Feel You Always Near
Be It A Laugh Or Just A Small Sigh
But You Know What....I Can Still See That
Little Twinkle In Your Eye

Fade Out Hey Nick ……..You Did Okay!

Nick in action with Link 80



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