TRASH GALLERY are gutsy, arena-ready, apocalypse dudes. Fist-pumping, tambourine shakin', hardcore superstars, who ought to be touring the bigger rooms, with their fellow reptiles, such as, Michael Monroe, 69 Eyes, Grinderman, the Jim Jones Revue, or Crystal Pistol. We're talkin' full-fledged and bona fide, death defying, sky divin', motorcycle ridin', race car drivin', blowtorch blastin', glass shattering, maximum performance-oriented, Kung-Fu, punk-as-fook, 24 hours a day, action heroes....What distinguishes this dangerous lot of punk-metal sleaze beasts from the instantly forgettable, unfortunate herds of sub-par, stoner/sleaze/street-metal/Hot Topic clad, Target commercials you see playing at those wanking, over-priced, insufferably corporatized, suburbanite, Warped and Rocklahoma festivals; endorsing energy drinks; and invading our underground, in recent years, is the pure volume, intensity, and ruthless severity of their unforgiving, teeth gnashing, assaultive ammunition's, and volatile, atomic, high-voltage, raw power supply. Their moody vocalist, NEEN, may remind you of a more cerebral Dregen (from Backyard Babies), an Earthier Billy Idol, or even, a suave, gutter-glam, gentleman dandy, like Nick Marsh, or Ian Astbury. While Neen's graceful and fluid guitar tones, are often, evocative of Derwood, Andy McCoy, Gary Sunshine, and Billy Duffy, his never-came-to-fuck-around engine room's relentless, all-night, machine gun battering, could send groups like Bullets And Octane, Avenged Sevenfold, or Murder Dolls scurrying, sheepishly, back home to their Mom's house, for some much needed rest and recuperation, in the safety of their Jack Skellington night-lights, with an Emily The Strange doll, under the Batman covers, in their Marilyn Manson wallpapered, old bedrooms. Har. Har. It took Neen's crew awhile to properly hone this sound, and they've only just started to really hit their stride, because in the early days of the 'Gallery, they were often considered "Too Aerosmith" for the skeptical Peter Murphy crowd, or "Too Theatre Of Hate" arty for the metal-maniacs. Some have compared their sound to vintage CULT, or an updated, heavier, Lords Of The New Church.

Only in these more recent times, have TRASH GALLERY effectively been drawing a diverse, and receptive audience, composed of representatives from all the various rock'n'roll tribes. The same types of crowds one used to see at Tex And The Horse-Heads, Jane's Addiction, the Nymphs, or Guns N Roses concerts: show-bizzy shlebs, beach bunnies, head bangers, blue-bloods, cow punks, gender-benders, crusty mohawks, black-bloc anarchist politico factions, film-students, greaser Clash clones, death rock queens, long haired freaks, bearded bikers, and Emo-Aged Kids With Glam Shags Who Just Saw That Runaways movie...

There aren't that many bands in league with the Cult, Thee Hypnotics, Sea Hags, or Hangmen, anymore, but TRASH GALLERY are rapidly developing a worldwide fan base, comprised of nostalgic glam/gothic/grebo/metal-head/punk and post-punk audiences, like us(!), who are all starving for TRASH GALLERY'S thundering, rough and ready-to-snap, style of never say die, street fightin' antheming, blisteringly nasty riffs, and big freight locomotive grooves, reminiscent of vintage Bad Co., Four Horsemen, Golden Earring, and old AC/DC...While NEEN and company are sure to appeal to anyone who still lives in the filthy, flea-bag motels, all along the Sunset Strip; or who wears black leather to job interviews; or loves the cocaine, it should be underscored that these are no common, metal-sludgers, at work, here. Though it may seem obvious that their favorite color is chrome, the real black heart of TRASH GALLERY'S signature sound is in the sort of brooding, introspective, soul-powered, doom-punk that makes the bad girls shimmy. The perfect occasion to break-out the hairspray, multiple rosaries, bolero hats, and black fishnets. With ominous, psychedelic-tinged, and highly-danceable, gothic nuances, ala Nick Cave, Southern Death Cult, Smack, and Spear Of Destiny. TRASH GALLERY have that star dusted swing that takes you back to your own gloriously black-smudged youth. They probably ought to focus on the European market, Great Britain loves this "come hither" kind of heavy rock'n'roll. The children of the night-what lovely music they make. Once they play some of the notorious English festivals, it's only a matter of time, before they're likely, destined, to receive their own Mojo Magazine Maverick Awards, presented to them by Lemmy, or Ozzy, or Wayne Hussey from the Mission U.K.

Of special interest to any of you Pole-Dancers, and Roller-Derby Girls, who are bored with Nine Inch Nails, but also to Extreme Sports performers, meth-snorting long-distance truck drivers, and flame tattooed fans of Turbonegro, the Hellacopters, Zodiac Mindwarp, and Black Label Society! You are all sure to dig their ballsy, biker-gang bravado, risk-taking, lust-for-life gusto, and lurid, haunting sensuality. Old soul mysticism, bloodshot moons, highway bars, Native American vision quests, and minimalist, cocktail napkin beat poetry are all certain to enthrall the black magic women, restless spirited drifters, carnies, hot rod girls, and shamanic, wild-eyed seekers endeavoring to cleanse their own personal, wind-shields of perception...TRASH GALLERY unapologetically exhibit a raunchy, cocksure, ferociousness, provided in no small part, by their unholy barbarian drummer, Jason, who seemingly, possesses Dave Lombardo's vehement thirst for blood, with Chuck Biscuits', or Mark Brzezicki's precision. Enchanting goth'n'roll/sleaze-rock/gutter-punk, with memorable, sing-along choruses; and gonzo, diesel-fuelled dynamics. Urban gypsies: Guitarist, Connie, and Bassist, Brian Mayhem, complete this savage line-up. The dashing rogues of TRASH GALLERY are Bleeding Heart Graffiti-Artists. Demolition Experts. Absolute Vikings. Avenging Angels. Rick Rubin, Andy Wallace, or Steve Jones should produce these guys, pronto. The ideal soundtrack to your next A.M. road-trip, fire escape barbecue, bozo bourbon binge, or violent, big-budget, action-flick. Punk-Globe Magazine interviewed Trash Gallery's unstoppable, Lead Rock star, NEEN:
PUNK GLOBE: Who is in Trash Gallery and describe the playing style of each musician:
NEEN: Jason plays drums...Straight ahead, no nonsense rock n roll drummer-plays the song...He doesn't need flash. 'Just one of those guys that draws your attention to him...A man of a few words I would say,but a heavy hitter on the kit...No argument there. Connie's on Lead and Rhythm guitar....Connie's style is one half 70's glam rock, and the other '77 punk rock....He has a great understanding of song structure and composition...Great Bass player, too....In the Early days of the band, Connie was our bassist, so he understands what it means to be tight with Jay, in the engine room. Brian Mayhem's on bass....Well....This is interesting.... I have to say, I have a lot of respect for Brian, because he had put down the guitar to join us on bass....Guitar players don't necessarily do that...Brian, or Brains, as I like to call him ,is an established guitarist in more heavy styles. Think Kyuss or any of the Stoner rock groups. On bass, he locks in like a heat seeking missile...Its hard to say what style he has... but I know this for certain, that Brian saw something in us that a lot of people in this city have over looked, or chose to ignore...His influences are different from the rest of the unit, and I love that, because his enthusiasm is genuine, and that's very rare to find, in a band member, that steps in to fill the spot. As for me. What can I say?...The lead Yodeler ...Lead and Rhythm guitar....My style?...Guitar guerrilla warfare ?....The jury is out on that call...I'll let you know after my tour of duty.
PUNK GLOBE: Origins of Trash Gallery-How did you meet and form the band?
NEEN: Trash Gallery existed and performed before I came into the picture.....I met Jay through his girlfriend at the time, who was, and still is a very dear friend of mine....I was rehearsing in the same studio compound, and that's when I ran into her and she told me they (Trash Gallery) were looking for a front man .....I'll say this...The true version of this band was Jay, Paul, Dan and myself...It was a different band back then, then this version. This version is heavier...The original one was somewhere between the Hangmen, Dogs, Sea Hags, and Hanoi. I love both units , they were very important in mine and Jay's development, as it pertained to the sound and vision of the band...We still tinker under the hood to get this machine firing on all 12 cylinders.
PUNK GLOBE: What are your most vivid memories of growing up in Detroit?
NEEN: The clubs...I wasn't a scenester by any means, but a hungry muso...Loved live music, signed, unsigned, you name it...As long as it was done with passion and it wasn't contrived. Ya have ta sell the sizzle !! Having said so, I have seen some great acts at St. Andrews, Clutch Cargos, Todd's, and a little shit hole called the Ramona...Just to name a few.....The best memories of all, I would say, were the people...Just very cool, non-judgmental people. We in Canada at the time, thought that Detroit was segregated, but I found that were I grew up, it was segregated. I was accepted by every nationality in Detroit City.....I couldn't say it was that easy, breaking in the music scene, from our region...Things have changed, now...For the better.
PUNK GLOBE: Discuss your 2009 self titled debut full length...
NEEN: I always find this hard to discuss ...I can tell you the hell that we go through...Yelling, shouting, the throwing of mic stands, punching the walls, the weeping and gnashing of teeth...and that's before we hit the record button. Ha ha...Seriously, though...I cant speak for the rest of the crew ,but I was going through a very tough time in my life...An end of a 14 year relationship, the terminal illness of my mother...So the last thing on my mind was to write a full length CD...So if the CD comes off as angry? Well...Guilty as charged. Ahhh..Who am I kidding..Even if I owned Fort Knox, the CD would still sound angry.
PUNK GLOBE: What were some of your most memorable performances?
NEEN: I would say the first time we played "The Electric Banana" in London, Ontario..It was owned and operated by two guys from 63 Monroe..Very cool guys. 'Loved it there..Also, the border city to Detroit, Windsor, Ontario, at The Coach and Lanterns, or Horses, or something...The look of horror on the college and University morons...Hey, it wasn't like we came out looking and acting like G.G. Allin?.....We were just a sleazy gutter rock n roll outfit......Dare I say...However, they didn't get us..So we thought..We had people coming up to us after the show, at a pizza shop, saying how much they dug us...Yes, these were small shows, but when you make an impact on people, be it big or small, it's still satisfying, to say the least.

OK...The most recent one was when we opened for Cheetah Chrome ....Great show ...Memorable quote from da man?..."Dems Trash guys are too Fuckin loud!!"...True story Dat...! Well..'Beats being called shit, but I did find it funny, that a man from a VERY notorious band of RnR nasties (Dead Boys) would complain about the volume.....What next?
PUNK GLOBE: When you're not making your own music, what older groups do you enjoy listening to?
NEEN: So much, of course, but if I can say what I have been listening to of late ..I would say...The Angels from Angel City, Skew Sisken...Love Nina C Alice, the front lady in that band-she's just a power house, on stage. Motorhead, Zodiac Mindwarp, and the Almighty....Just where my heads been at, of late...Next week?...I'm sure I will be listening to Industrial bluegrass folk punk....It's the latest craze..The kids in Zagreb are paying top dollar for that shit at the summer festivals.!!
PUNK GLOBE: What contemporary bands do you believe in?
NEEN: Not sure...I haven't been following things as much as I use to but, if I may say so, I do love this band of no goods from Oslo called, Silver... I tell ya..If they can keep it together, through what life throws at them, and the music industry bullshit...In my honest opinion?...If Rock n Roll comes back in a big way in the U.S...These guys should lead the charge...I know I should be selling my band but, you asked, and I'm giving my honest opinion....Those boys get it...They know rock n roll... Whereas, a lot of bands their age DON'T GET IT!!
PUNK GLOBE: Have you heard Dead Men Walking?
NEEN:No... but seen the film...who are they?
PUNK GLOBE: A buncha old "eighties" geezers from bands you dig. Billy Duffy or Andy McCoy?
NEEN: Nasty Suicide...Oh..Sorry...I thought this was a trick question.
PUNK GLOBE: Black Halos or the Hangmen?
NEEN: The Hangmen
PUNK GLOBE: Joan Jett or Lita Ford?
PUNK GLOBE: Have you heard the Evil Boy Records recording artists, Gypsy Pistoleros?
NEEN: I haven't heard the record, but these guys are the hardest working duo I have seen. They have to be older than me, and they are taking it to the people. How is the CD?
PUNK GLOBE: Who were the Dead Romantics?
NEEN: Steve Strange?...Spandau Ballet ?...Classix Nouveaux?
PUNK GLOBE: What other bands have you played in?
NEEN: Not many....In my city, only two of them...The Orphans and The Punk Rods. Great bands, great people...If it wasn't for these two units, I wouldn't have gotten back on stage...It was my rehab, to see if I can still face a crowd, and be a contender.
PUNK GLOBE: Most under-rated Canadian groups?
NEEN: 39 Steps...World Class! That's what i feel about Chris and the boys. His work in PILLBOX was raw and stripped, but as potent as his past works.
PUNK GLOBE: Who was the best live group you ever saw?
NEEN: The Godfathers
PUNK GLOBE: What's your affiliation with Mama Trash?
NEEN: Commander and Chief.....Central command .. Our guidance system She is the Head of our family....I'm very proud to be with that family.
PUNK GLOBE: Current projects?
NEEN: Working on my tan...
PUNK GLOBE: Do you prefer H.I.M. or 69 EYES?
PUNK GLOBE: Crash Kelly or Earth 18?
NEEN: Crash...Never heard of the other band.
PUNK GLOBE: Some favorite books?
NEEN: Sorry, I have adult attention deficit....Sorry...what was that again?
PUNK GLOBE: Favorite films?
NEEN: Too many..'Love a lot of the old flicks, but I'll tell you what I recently viewed...Lawrence Of Arabia, Dr.Strangelove, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, Vertigo...I wish I could tell you my favorites, but that would be the whole interview.
PUNK GLOBE: What's your idea of perfect happiness?
NEEN: She's in Melbourne..Yeah, I said It!
PUNK GLOBE: Have you ever played shows with the Jim Jones Revue, Hardcore Superstar, or Backyard Babies?
NEEN: No..But could you help a brother out, and hook us up?
PUNK GLOBE: What does the future hold for TRASH GALLERY?
NEEN: The possibilities abound for us....It's just seeing through the smoke screen and making the right choices....We have made it to this point, because of our values and ethics...We have refused to bend and compromise ...I know we have made the right choices and we have been rewarded by like minded people like Jo and Mama Trash Promotions...For me?...It has been a childhood dream that was sidelined by life's elements . We all have become harder and realistic... Maybe even jaded, but this bomber squadron can deliver the payload over Europe because that's where we are headed. Over and out. http://www.myspace.com/trashgalleryrocks http://stores.lulu.com/mickmercer