November 2017


Nasty Little Lonely
'Ugly Vitamin'
Loner Noise
Single Review By: Ian Sutherland

Bristol's Nasty Little Lonely have been making their moody, apocalyptic post-punk noise rock for a few years now. Releasing a brace of EPs and an impressive debut album in 'Rack And Ruin' they have been a band to keep an eye on and now they have announced that they're releasing a series of singles via Liverpool label Loner Noise, starting with 'Ugly Vitamin'.

Musically this is a showcase for what NLL are all about. Led by Charlie B's nasty, muscular bass lines the sound is stark and heavy with Ben Fisher's discordant guitar work giving it all a gloriously uncomfortable edge. Add in Charlie's venomous yet somehow fragile vocal and you have a soundscape filled with anger, frustration and angst aimed straight at you. What these guys are so good at though is that all that dark energy and attitude is held together by a song, a piece of writing and performance which forces its' way into your consciousness and won't leave.

I'm an old school guy and would prefer to see a world that lets such a talented outfit as Nasty Little Lonely work towards a follow up to their excellent debut album. However if their series of singles are all like this one then that may be inevitable anyway. if the apocalypse is going to sound like this it might not be so bad after all!

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