Chairman  [Mr.] Plow
Chairman Plow's Little Red Book
Crusty Records/Bad Stain Records 
by Carl Macki


Song List

Ted McGinley
Anything For A Buck
You Got To Go
Theme From JFC 
Bi Polar Bear
Rock Star

Mr Plow -- aww ,did he go off and name himself Mr. Plow after one of "The Simpsons" 400 (and counting) greatest episodes ever?!?

With this his fourth CD, "Chairman Plow's Little Red Book," the name but not the title or the honorific remains the same.

All told are 14 songs. Carrying on the (Mojo) Nixonesque entente with China --the Chinese in the Vancouver area -- or maybe plates of Chinese food in his homeland area is all I can gather what the title means, if anything. He seems more of a meeowist than a Maoist. A really cool pussycat mongrel on the prowl.

The song are composed tightly, I mean the lines end and the next ones come. Not in your hand or mouth, silly. He is clever in his wordplay and good musically.

Sometimes he's rude, sometimes crude. MSN starts the album on a bittersweet foot or mouse pad. That's the cat at play. "Emo" is another rant. So is "1-900. . ." I don't think Ted McGinley might not take kindly to the specific vitriol Plow is spewing against him. However, if you take his stuff seriously, you, and he, may have a problem.

Take Christ, the topic of one of the songs. Fortunately, Jesus "Effing" Christ returns, just a regular jalone this time, so what does the Trinity turn into? Is that a broken off swastika dildo or is it a crucifix? Joker that he is, he lets our minds wander.

Yeah so what if sometimes he's rude, sometimes crude. He's right about the emo histrionics, whether it's applied with black eyeliner or color pixels, 

Another lost rock star he is not, he is Chairman, One of Our Seated Liters; What a listen, and more!

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