Mr. Plow "Mad Plow Disease"
Crusty Records

by Ginger Coyote

This CD smokes! I love Mr. Plow's wicked sense of humor. If you dig Mojo Nixon - Mr. Plow will satisfy your every whim. With songs like "CRACKHEAD MAMA," "D.O.A.," "MORNING BONER," "DRUNK AND PASSED OUT" you know what to expect. The CD was recorded between October 17th - December 7th in Santa Monica, CA, Salem Oregon and Vancouver Canada. The musicianship of the band Mr. Plow and The Procrastinators is great. The band includes Mr. Norwood Fischer on Fishbone on bass. Buy this CD

             Crusty Records
        1895 Commercial Drive
        Vancouver,BC CANADA
                  V5N 4A6
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