"Rock Stars Don't Eat Cookies"
Digital Download
By; Rotten


Coming out of Chester County, Pennsylvania, Monty is a recording artist with a difference, his unique melting pot of Classic Rock and Country Rock acoustics, has come together on his new recording "ROCK STARS DON"T EAT COOKIES" - quirky title, huh?
He has been receiving airplay all over the USA and Europe with this blend of rock, and the EP definitely shows the styles well.
Lead track, AMERICA ROCKS (which i wouldnt disagree with!), begins with an opening The Who could have used, quite powerful, while BUTTERFLIES IN HEAVEN showcases a more melodic sound.. RICHARD SHOULD"NT PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS is my favorite of the bunch, as I like the titles rip of one of my favorite movies. quite a nice flowing story to the song too, very accessible.
The acoustic number SPIRIT flows along nicely, another well performed effort and will be the song to get people into this artist in any play list.final song UFO is a great song invoking some of the stuff Captain Sensible has done, definitely one for Hawkwind fans.
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