July 2017


Molly And The Krells
Relationshit EP
Review By: Ginger Coyote


  1. Relationshit
  2. All For Nothing
  3. You're Gonna Lose

Hot off the press from a fun pop punk band from Sydney, Australia with a debut CD... They are called Molly And The Krells.... Their lead singer/bass player Blake Cateris reminds me a bit of a young Tim Armstrong... The first two tracks are fun straight ahead pop punk.. Relationshit goes into the ordeal of having one and all the hassles.. All For Nothing just drives it home.. Both will get you in the pit... While You're Gonna Lose has more of an melodic edge to it...I like all three tracks. It is hard to pick a favorite.... .

Well worth checking out..


Band Photo By: Carleigh Ingram

Band Photo By: Carleigh Ingram

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