Interview With Mistress Xena
by Steve DIY

I bumped into Mistress Xena on the net - Goth Chix.Com had pointed her in my direction and when I checked out what she was about I fired some questions off to her about her life style. Happy to be interviewed here's what Mistress Xena had to say:

 Punk Globe: First off can you introduce yourself to the world of Rock N Roll?

Yes. You may call Me Xena, Mistress Xena, Goddess Xena or Lady Xena (and trust Me, I'm NO Princess). I was born and raised in Chicago, IL. And I'm still living in this fucking cold city. I'm in My 20s, 1/2 Irish and 1/2 Middle Eastern. Wierd Combination, huh? Ahh, we're all a bunch of wierdos anyway. Let's see...... Words that best describe Me (What Am I?): Dominant, Sadist, Fetishist, Rubberist, EVIL, Wicked, Seductive, Erotic, Perverted, Kinky and Witty.

Punk Globe: How did you get into the world of BDSM? At what age did you get a feel for it?

I became experimental, starting at age 15. I was a Voyeur and an Exhibitionist (and still am). I thank the lovely female on My block (at the time), for teaching Me certain aspects in BDSM. I was quite curious and already lived a boring life. Until I met this Female. We had all sorts of fun (use your perverted imagination). I began attending local Dungeons at age 18, thanks to the
Married Dominant couple for inviting Me to join them. This couple had met Me at a Fetish Night, in Chicago and realized that I was highly interested in becoming more involved in the scene. The couple had trained Me and a year later, I began Pro-Domination. I started working as a House-Domina, with other Ladies. Currently, I'm an Independent Domina and loving every second of it.

Punk Globe: To me it looks a bit painful so what makes people want to go through that?

Interesting question. What makes people do what they do? What makes people want (or crave) pain? Some individuals enjoy receiving a bloody whip or a heavy-duty wooden paddle to their bare ass because in their childhood, they were beaten with these objects. Or because they want to let go. And they want to be free. Even because they deserve the punishment for doing something bad in their lives, which is why most men turn to Mistresses to give them Pain and to turn them into Pain-Sluts. There are several answers to this question. I honestly HATE receiving pain and couldn't pass for a masochist. Why is that? Because I'm a Sadist and simply get off on inflicting pain.

Punk Globe: Some say what you do is obscene and degrading so what is your reply to these people?

"Stop Being Such Cunts, and Give it a Shot". Open Up. Be Experimental. Discover your Kinky and Naughty side. Get Freaky. Don't be scared of Perverts. Have fun in life (ya know, life is short).
You know what I truly despise? When Individuals categorize us as being either 'Escorts' or 'Prostitutes'. And why is a Dominatrix different? Because a Dominatrix doesn't spread Her legs and get Fucked by the client, for the Money. I have nothing against Escorts or Hookers (some look damn good in Thigh-High Boots, though), don't get Me wrong.

Punk Globe: What sort of limits do you set yourself?

Prostitution, Exotic Dancing, Exchanging in Bodily Fluids or Nudity (on My part) is certainly off-limits. As far as activities, I do NOT engage in Needle Play, Play Piercing (I despise needles, but I could get tattooed anytime... It's wierd), Roman Showers (Vomiting on a slave) or Red Showers (Urinating on a slave, while the Female is on Her Period).

Punk Globe: Is there anything you haven't tried but would like to do?
I've did just about everything in the book, with My slaves. I've never crucified a slave, but thought about REALLY doing so.

Punk Globe: How long do the photo shoots tend to last?

Besides being a Domina, I'm also a Model. My Photo shoots can last, from an hour to an entire weekend. It can be quite exhausting, when I Model for an entire weekend (with either one Photographer or several). When I DO Model for an entire weekend, I keep Myself awake, by drinking lots of coffee. Of course, I need the extra shots of Espresso, to really keep Me on My feet. When Modeling throughout the weekend, I tend to get as many sets in, as humanly possible. The hard work definitely pays off in the future, for sure.

Punk Globe: Have you taken part in any movies and if so could you name a few for our readers to check out?

Does being an Extra in a Movie count? haha. Na, I've never been in a 'huge' film. I've been in Films, which are BDSM / Fetish Oriented. I'm currently in the process of putting out a DVD called, "Taking Charge". It's with Charger Pony and Myself (filmed in Minneapolis, Minnesota). Most of the Movie involves Pony Play and Human Torture. When the Movie is released, I'll mention it on My website. So, stay tuned!

Punk Globe: You have a cool website so what kind of hits do you get every month?

It all varies, from Month to Month. In the Month of November 2005, I received 40,000-45,000 hits.

Punk Globe: How do you feel about certain feminists who think you're letting down other women because of the occupation you have chosen?

Personally, I haven't received any complaints from Negative Feminists about My line of work. I know that other Dominants have, but not Myself. Other Women in the Chicago Land area are inspired and intrigued in what I do. I've trained some Women, because those Women were serious in getting into the business and serious in being a Powerful and a Domineering person.

Punk Globe: Outside your occupation what kind of things do you like to do?

Relaxing (or simply having fun) in My Rubber Catsuits, Wearing My Thigh-High Boots, Being Tightly Cinched in Corsets, Receiving Massages, Foreplay, Webcam Shows, Web-Designing, Browsing the Internet, Dancing, Singing, Listening to all Kinds of Music, Drinking Alcohol, Watching Movies, Exercising and Traveling.

Punk Globe: If you saw me in a shopping mall after running this interview would I be in line for a kiss?

Yes. A wet slobberish Kiss, though. ha ha!

 Looks like I'm going to have to start hanging around her local Mall:-)

Punk Globe: So sell yourselves to our readers - Why should they visit your site?

My Members Area includes 5,000+ Images (going all the way back, from 2001). My Members Area ALSO includes Solo Images with just Myself, Girl / Girl Action Photos, Mistress / slave Photos, Guest Models, Webcam Photos, Party Photos at Different Conventions, Photos Taken During My Performances, Photos of Fan Art, and Candid Shots. Different kinds of images are featured in the Members Area. Goth, Bondage, Fashion, Fetish, Rubber, Lingerie, Pin-Up, Cheesecake, Portraits, Fine-Art and of course, Nudity. Note: In the near future, I plan on adding mini video clips to the Members area. You must be 18+ to Join. Sorry Children. More information on Joining My Members Area is listed on My website:

Punk Globe: Any New Year messages for our readers?

Be safe. Drink ALOT, but don't you fucking drive. Cheers for 2006! (already, huh?) My how time flies.

Punk Globe: Anything you'd like to add?

If you would like to interact with Me, then join My Yahoo! Fan Club:
OR by adding Me as a Friend on MySpace: 

I constantly update My website with new galleries, photo sets, guest Models, etc. (Ladies: If you would like to trade content, then e-mail Me: Stay tuned to


Thanks to Mistress Xena for being so honest and open. She gives some excellent replies to the questions asked so thanks you for that. I hope this interview opens peoples eyes and minds to the world of BDSM. Please do check out the sites that Mistress Xena has on line.


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