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4th of July 2008

@ Herr Dopp's & Jason's

ccdoppbest.jpg image by missoblivious55

. . . compound in Eastlake was our location to drink, cheer and witness an astounding li'l ensemble that goes by The Stars and Garters Theatre SF! I am not normally an enthusiast of this American celebration. My clan on average has a bbq and will watch the fireworks! 

This year I was invited to raise havoc with my extended Cancan/Circus Contraption family. 

When Herr Dopp has a party you really don’t wanna miss it! He spares no corners and it is always one of the best times! 

This was my first 4th of July celebrations with them! He lives right on Lake Union were the fireworks are set off.

The night before we were at The Triple Door and then the Cancan til about 4 a.m. 

That is me, Sam, Dopp, Rainbow, Jon & Randy give or take a few. 

I, as normal, will have to wake up early with my family, so when Miss O goes out til the sun comes up it means about 2 hours or so of sleep and then go for a hike, walk or circus class with the kiddies on Saturday morning! 

Mommy is basically a zombie with crooked lipstick.

I received the 11 a.m. from Dopp to get over to his place because Stars and Garters would be playing at 2 p.m.!

Yikes, that means no nap for the wicked!
I stumbled around, took a cold shower, did an early walk and pizza with kiddies and rushed over as to not miss a moment of these brilliant characters! Of course SailorHank and I dressed in our patriotic fashion tailored for such an oocasion!

ccmenhank.jpg image by missoblivious55
Sailor Hank and Miss O

As would be expected…. all of us from the after hours were the first to arrive! Randy was bbq’n hotdogs! 

The S&G had barely started their set-up, which takes around three hours to construct! No really! Their stage blows you away it resembles that of a wrecked pirate cabin.

People were trickling down Dopp’s driveway and it was 3:30ish. Slow mode was in effect til the sun was set! 

The S&G needed to wait til after fireworks to perform their magic since lighting is key to the visuals they produce! I missed my afternoon nap but all is forgiven since I had an unforgettable afternoon with the musical talents of Tentacled Sawfish treats!

After the glorious “bombs bursting in air” we congregated back into the yard of Dopp! I was so anxious to see what these kids had to offer us! They did more than please! They did more than perform! 

They gave us a full-blown Lovecraft meets vampish harlots!

This rarely happens! This magic, the toothless charm from three pronged pitchforks, tales of planets and songs to die to! Old clocks,dusty books, broken down Victorian doors, wheels and deals!

When I dream at night of an underworld charm, dreamboats and tramps this is what I foresee! The curse of the Goddamned ship!

Without a doubt one of thee best performances & cleverest lullabies to drink to, to lie to, to love to, and to live by!

I lingered at Dopps after the show and when most had moved on to other places in the Emerald city and we discussed the insanity & the amounts of liquor our troops went through within the 8-hour independence celebration!
ccrandfaye.jpg image by missoblivious55 cctree.jpg image by missoblivious55
 Faggedy Randy and Fay                          Castaways drinking in trees

15 fifths of vodka

15 fifths of whiskey

Two kegs

6 cases of X-large bottles of ale

7 bottles of rum

Case of Champagne

Buckets of jungle juice

And I am pretty sure that I have forgotten quite a few gallons of poison! We won’t even mention all the food consumed!

I come from the land of being a celebrity is determined by how much alcohol is consumed in ones liver, so this was pretty impressive for under a 80 people in that time frame!

I jumped in a cab around 1 a.m. and laid my tired head to rest for my outta town guests arriving in the morning and Circus Contraption's closing night! I love Seattle!

Miss Oblivious

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photos by Miss O

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