By Miss Oblivious


Part 1 "1992"

I knew on that autumn evening things would never be the same for me. My hero had arrived and I would be experiencing a live encounter with one Mz. Love better known in the public eye as Queen of grunge, which was a very unsuitable title in my opinion. To be quite honest not many were to interested in this creature, most were nearly terrified by her presence, I melted at the sound of her high bitched holler. Being a mere nineteen-I acquired a fake identification for the event, along with my sixteen-year-old pal Caroline. She had spotted the glorious creature first and I went in for the kill. I will admit to being slightly apprehensive and wondering if she’d even gives me the time of day. I gave her the love pop and cross ring for an offering of any attention. Immediately giving me a hug I was satisfied, soon running off to start her set and the scene for headliners Lemonheads.  You can all say what you will about Courtney but there is one thing you cannot deny her charisma and wit. Maybe she comes off a little mental to most but it is because she has more knowledge and brain than the average human. Almost Einstein’s if you will. I was more enthralled than before and had to see her once more as she had promised me after her performance. So, I waited and I waited!

You could hear her sour wails from down below (backstage at Slim’s is actually under- stage).  Finally the moment I had waited for the goddess would grace me with her presence once more before I had to depart due to my ride being bored and tired. Courtney handed me a blue flower barrette and grabbed me and just threw one on my lips as her hand squeezed my bottom half. I couldn’t believe this married woman and mother had just knocked me off my feet with her saliva and tongue down my throat. I will admit she offered me a place to stay if I wanted yet, declined due to my butch other half that had already had a confrontation with Mz. Love earlier in the evening. I agreed to leave with whom I arrived but to never be the same ever again. 


Part 2

The next time I would encounter Mz.LoveCobain would be after her husband had passed and all of a sudden his fans would be praising her performances, I figure this was the only way they could feel close to him.

She was selling out venues and had four-fold of a fan base. Yeah I was angry but hey it was good for her to get the attention she so desperately desired.

It was one of those rock n’ roll Christmas events and I had a hard time getting my free passes but did acquire them along with an all access pass from the radio- producer dork. This woman was a mess(Courtney), touring and deaths and motherhood and stardom had done a toll on this empowering female.

When the show was over and I could tell that there was no way that I’d get close to her back in the refreshment area I decided to wait by her van. A handful of us had the same idea, all of them claimed to be huge Courtney fans! Um no mistake! Two of the girls couldn’t remember the name of her first album, the others had on baggy jeans and flannels.

First out was Franny and her nanny, then Eric, etc…. Courtney came out with two very huge bodyguards and yelled at everyone to get the fuck back!!!!! Except when she caught eyes with me she pointed and wiggled her finger for me to come closer! YYYYEEEAAHHH, she dropped to her knees and sicned her name on the crotch area of my dress and then I gave her a tight squeeze and a new ring for her finger. Courtney exclaimed that at our last meeting it had been a very religious night! I walked away once more on cloud nine!!!!

Part 3

I had managed a photo- lab post college graduation, and one day had arrived to find a fax in my name. It was a private pass to Courtney Love’s birthday party in the city (S.F). Not thinking it was genuine I phoned anyone and everyone that could have sent it, curious to know who would pull a prank like this on me. By the end of the day I found a ride and some accomplices to charter me on this voyage. Not really sure if it was some hilarious counterfeit ticket. I knew she was in town for Lalapalooza and it could just be legit.

We arrived at the Harrison location and the huge wherehouse was filled with eccentric gothic individuals. Still not quite sure I decided to get some cocktails and have fun anyways. After about an hour of drinks and conversation, Eric walks by and I think bingo we are in the right place!

I soon run over and ask where Courtney is and he points up! Love is accompanied by two conservative looking ladies, one on each side holding her up. We start talking and they are old high school chums of Mz.C’s. We all go into the bathroom, I am sure in the hell pissing ‘em off, but Courtney doesn’t seem to mind. I had a new ring for her and asked if she’d marry me, as I slid the metal jewel on her finger and we held eachother for what seemed like hours, but in reality was about three or four minutes! This would be one of my last encounters for at least 5 years. Ritchie Flame and I were sitting at the billiards one night when she was in town for another rock n roll Christmas. Ticket less and sold out I ld him there is always a way nothing is ever “sold-out” then in walked my friend with two free passes, yet I left during her performance to sickened by the frat boys dancing around me.


Part 4

My next confrontation took place in 2005 at the Fillmore!  The Cap’n and I had been together for years and he had yet to witness Love in live form. Always telling him stories and playing her albums he knew the songs yet did not want to be fan or a critic (the only time). She had put out her first solo album and I was so excited that The Cap’n would join me and see how great Courtney really is. Being excited and anxious I did two pieces of art for Courtney that included Frances. I figured ah it’s been years since any of my good times had occurred, in the years past I have now met just about every performer and celebrity that I have admired. Courtney was different she was the one that popped my cherry so to say, An all girl band backed up the precious and now voluptuous Love.  Halfway through her set we made eye contact, The Cap’n nudged my side and I just couldn’t hold back my inner grin. After few more she came down off the stage and asked what I wanted to hear! All the teenyboppers around me started screaming “Violet”, blah blah blah… Courtney screamed shut-up I want play a song for her!!! WOW! Yeah she was talking to me!! It wasn’t just my big ego, it was directed solely at Mawah…. after words I went to her exit and waited patiently, there was girl getting sassy with me she was not any older than oh let’s say 19, when Courtney came out I handed her my art and a love lolly. She once again held me and battered off to the girl who had been sassy to me that she was sooo cheesy for taking a photo with her camera phone! Hahahaha..The write up post SF in the chronicle of course made fun of Courtney and talked about her weight! Well to that writer “fuck off” ya lousy good for nothing spoiled brat!!!!!Let’s see how you react when tragedy strikes you!


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