Interview with MISS GUY
by Jasten King of Nancy Fullforce

Almost a decade ago I while I was living in San Diego, bored out of mind, I came across a show listing of a local venue called SOMA.  It included two bands, THE DONNAS and TOILET BOYS, on tour together and a little blurb mentioning how both bands were fans of KISS (a huge favorite of mine as well).  The show turned out to be that same night I was reading this so I figured, what the hell, and headed down and check these boys & girls.  That night stands out as one of my fondest memories, seeing and meeting some bands Iíd from then on be obsessed with to this day.  Now some time has gone by and these days Miss Guy (singer from the TOILET BOYS) is taking on a turn in the music heís making.  Here I get the chance to ask one whatís new in his sound + visionÖ 

What have you been up to since the TOILET BOYS have been "put on hold"? Isn't there another CD coming out?

I've been DJing, recording my solo CD, traveling & washing dishes at the local diner. We recorded a new TOILET BOYS CD called "Sex Music" which will be out on September 11th. September 11th, 2001 was the release date of out first full length CD! Hopefully this time around history won't intervene & fuck everything up for us! Ha ha!!!

What are you influences for the new music you're making compared to what they where with the band?

Well, Iím influenced by people & places usually. Musically, it's hard to say because my tastes in music vary depending on my mood. I guess it's been a chance to try different genres that I love but couldn't do with the TOILET BOYS. I guess cocaine & alcohol have had an influence on a few of the songs.

Will there be a full solo album released and/or a tour in the near future?

Yes! I'm still waiting to be swept off of my feet by a sweet, loving label.  I can't wait to tour again! That's what I miss most about not having the band together. That and Seanís breath every night onstage.

You've toured with a ton of great bands, any favorite memories and/or cities to visit?

They all sucked & should have been opening for us! Ha! Iím kidding, of course. We had so many great times & played with so many great bands in so many great cities. What comes to mind... BLONDIE at Madison Square Garden on my birthday in 1999! I was celebrating my 21st! The European tour with RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS playing sold out arenas! And I really loved playing with THE DONNAS on the West Coast because it was early on & we were just starting to get a buzz; it was all very exciting! And THE DONNAS are such a great band & so sweet & funny. I'd love to tour with them again. Playing London & Tokyo were highlights.

What first got you into DJing and what keeps you interested in it?

Well, I used to have a huge collection of vinyl & friends would say "you should DJ" but I had no interest. I got a call from a friend who did a party once, their DJ didn't show up, I filled in & they liked me better so hired me. Six months later Michael Schmidt & I started Squeezebox.  Thatís when I started getting notoriety as a DJ. I go through cycles of loving it & hating it, but basically at this point, Iím pretty sick of it. SQUEEZEBOX was great because no one was doing what I was doing then. People came to hear me play & wanted to hear things they've never heard before, learn about music while partying. Now there are a million DJs who do what I did & people mostly want to hear top 40 when they're out. I'm a human jukebox now. Long gone are the days that I can play exactly what I want all night. Did that answer your question? What was the question?? Ha ha!

Any favorite bands you're into right now?

THE WHITE STRIPES!!! Jack White is a true genius & an electrifying performer!!! I've seen a lot of great bands in their heyday & he excites me when he's playing live. I love EAGLES OF DEATH METAL. Oh, my favorite band at the moment is THE GOSSIP! Beth Ditto should be a megastar!!! She's fucking incredible. I like MUSE, PEACHES. A New York band called SHYCHILD is amazing. I heard they moved to England which is smart. I like JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. He's great live!  The perfect entertainer. Oh, and WOLFMOTHER!!! Amazing record & pretty fucking great live. But not as good as TOILET BOYS!!! Ha!

Every New Yorker seems quite passionate about living there, what is some of the things that you are fond of about the city?

I like the smell of shit, vomit & garbage on the streets during the summer! Ha ha! I love absolutely everything about New York!!! I always have & Iím quite sure I always will. Thereís such a great variety of beautiful people. You can get whatever you want whenever you want! And there's really no other place you can say that about. It's the center of the universe & every city is inferior to New York! But with that being said, I love Los Angeles! I love London! Barcelona! Tokyo! Rome! Oh, I just got back from Vienna yesterday! Such a beautiful city!!! I'm really lucky to travel the world & see all these amazing places! All from doing what I love: Music! Aren't you jealous!?! Ha ha! Now leave me alone, I got to go wash dishes.

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