Debut EP
No Talent Records

by Carl Macki


Song List

High Heeled Bitches
Everything Is More (When You're High)
I Don't Care
Don't Wanna Be Like That

With a swagger unusual for Swedes, Miss 45, a band from Stockholm, describes themselves on their website as a "wet dream of every of real rock & roll fan." They take their name from the Abel Ferrara's 1981 film "Ms. 45, about a mute seamstress (played by the Swedish actress Zoe Lund aka Tamerlis; also wrote and starred in Ferrara's "Bad Lieutenant"). The character, Thana , is raped twice in one day, then goes on a revenge spree killing seventeen people men, seemingly at random. This movie was banned in Sweden, so there is some possible thrill factor for the band in the name, I dunno.

They sport Hollywood movie style names -- Colonel M. Knoxx, Dan Frankenstein, Felix Vendetta, and Eric Beretta.
And their music. No, it's good! You have to totally like pop American music to get where they're coming from. Again this is more to the point of what I have been saying about a popular revival of early punk style. Handsome Dick Montana meets the Ronettes meet Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers meet Stiv Bators meets the Beach Boys.

End result--nothing new under the sun, but in a refreshing way. It is wiser to acknowledge your gratitude to the old masters especially when you can actually play the instruments, which they do, admirably.



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