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"Gotta Get Up Now"
By: Michael Rys
Punk rock has some workaholic artist's you know.,Tim Armstrong, Mike Ness, Wayne Kramer,and many others...I believe we can add Roger Miret of Agnostic Front fame to that list. The man always seems to have a hand in something all the time.I'm betting the guy is on the road more than 60% of the year, then in the studio or writing another 20%,other music related stuff another 10%.... Don't know much about his personal life if he has one but it seems obvious that at this stage of his career he does not need to perform or record at this point but that he's probably doing it because he loves it . Legacy firmly established Roger could probably "phone it in" let others write the songs and he just show up and people would still buy the new record.. Does Roger Miret and the Disasters do that with the new record "Gotta get Up Now"? Absolutely not! Roger and the boys knock 14 rock n roll baseballs right out of the park with this new disc.You wont get alot of surprises here if your already a fan and if your not familiar your in for a sonic treat.Bouncing Souls and Street Dogs come to mind when listening.I also think the new record has the potential for large scale success if radio,movies and video games pick up on Gotta Get Up Now. Most impressive for me about the record is not only the pure rock n roll in the songs writing but it the production. The harmonies,the drums,the guitars all come together like a well oiled machine and present a record that sounds like the band is right there performing for you live. If a band can do that,in my mind it takes "Gotta Get Up Now" from good up to Great with out a doubt. Needless to say I'm hoping they'll hit Detroit or Toledo when they tour so I can hear just how right I am.

I'm giving Roger Miret and the Disaster's my full double fist rolling devil horns for "Gotta Get Up Now". My favorite tunes on the record are the title track,My Own Way,Stand Up and Fight, and Faded.

Buy it and you'll be glad you did.Its out on People Like You Records Jan24th in Europe and Jan 25th 2011 in the USA.
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