September 2017


Milo of The Descendents
Mini V1 Edition
Review By: Jaime Pina

This is a new release from the company that brought us bobble-head figures of GG Allin, Tesco Vee and Keith Morris. Aggronautix has done a great job of creating these figures of punk rock icons that can be displayed on your desk at work (Milo and Keith) and some maybe best left on the shelf at home (GG, Dwarves). This is part of a line of 5” mini-figures that includes GG and Dwarves.

The Descendents started out as a trio and added a fellow fan of the Doors, Beatles and The Last who was hanging around their practices between going to school. His name was Milo and after sitting there absorbing their music and vibe one day stood up and said, “I think I can do this.” Scoring with many music geek nerds with the immortal Milo Goes To College album, they would go from being guys with snappy, well played songs that didn’t look like the other guys on the punk scene to being legends of the punk scene. With cartoon images of him gracing the covers of their iconic Milo Goes To College and I Don’t Want To Grow Up records, Milo was not only the band’s singer but their instantly recognizable corporate logo as well.

The Milo Mini V1 Edition figure comes in a cool box with pictures of the figure, the man and the logo and is sturdily packed inside. Limited to 2500 figures.