M.I.L.K. (Mothers Illuminating Love and Kindness)
Abba Yahudah
by Carl Macki

(Word Sword
P.O. Box 4426
Emeryville, Ca 94662)

Punk and Reggae have been associated with each other since, well at least since Bob Marley listened to the Clash, and wrote "Punky Reggae Party" with Lee Scratch Perry.

In the US Bad Brains made a name for themselves by mixing hardcore with reggae. They are prominently featured in the "American Hardcore" book and documentary on DVD (Steven Blush, writer; Paul Rachman director).

According to the Megaforce Records website and Pitchfork magazine, Beastie Boy MCA (Adam Yauch) will be producing the album due out later this year, and a solo album by Bad Brains guitarist Dr. Know is being planned.

After watching the "American Hardcore" DVD, I discussed some issues related to the documentary with Ginger Coyote on my cell phone. One was the scarcity of women featured.  Moments later I met AbbaYahudah at a recording studio in Berkeley. I brought up the Bab Brains, who were all over "American Hardcore." Yahudah became very excited and told me how much of an influence they were onto him. While listening to part of the album with him, and I commented that the CD sounded "authentic." He didn't hear exactly what I said. He thought it was "satanic." "That's deep," he said. Very Funny. Like some hardcore bands, several  reggae artists have been portrayed as being chauvinistic towards women. This album presents a positive view of women, is well produced and well, sparkles, it's so fresh. Another album "From the W.O.M.B." should be out in several months.

Song List
Inna Eye (Introduction)
Black Is Delight
Fool Rush In (Featuring Honourbei)
Pigs Ride Hogs
Unto Cesar


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