by Ginger Coyote  
(photos by Lynda Powers)

I recently met Mike Adams at a premiere party for Steve Balderson's  DVD "Phone Sex- What is Sexy" and we could not stop laughing... He was with his Musician pal Brandon and we began shooting the shit and found out we knew alot of people in common (Sloppy Seconds and Toxic Reasons). We did the following interview after a wild weekend..

Punk Globe: Hi Mike- Could you give the readers some background about yourself?

Mike Adams: Well, I'm from small town America...Southern Indiana. I'm a musician, writer, super hero...a practicing alcoholic, amateur gynecologist and aspiring porn star... I love good food, beer of all races and
nationalities, and whacking off.

Punk Globe: How many books have you written to date?

MIKE ADAMS: I've written and published one other book "When the Vomit Makes You Famous"...

Punk Globe: Tell us about your upcoming book "Toilet Bowl Soup?"

MIKE ADAMS: Toilet Bowl Soup is a collection of short stories that deals in the absurd and insane ways of life here in Southern Indiana. This book encompasses vile subject matter...topics such as toilet plunger sodomy, the KKK dressed out in pillow cases, sexually explicit amputees, dogs with extremely large balls, drunkenness in every form or fashion, violent china men, and a huge variety of encounters with wild animals. All of it true...and to never be forgotten...at least not by me and that fucking dog.

Punk Globe: Do you have a release date yet?

MIKE ADAMS: We're shooting for late April or early May of this year...We're in the editing process now but I'm always wanting to throw more material into it...As soon as the final goes to the publisher I'll probably be gang raped by a pack of wild hyienas...and then I'll want to write about it for inclusion in this book. But I'm trying to settle on all of the material at this point and just get it out there so I can move on.

Punk Globe: What gets you inspired when you decide to write a book?

MIKE ADAMS: Honestly...experience...I really don't have to be that creative coming from this goddamn place...I just have to be really aware of my surroundings and have the sense of humor to put it all down on paper. This place is truly fucked up. Southern Indiana is a dangerous place for the psyche and the soul....especially if you are not seasoned enough to get around in it...I've watched this place suck the life out of some very promising people and make assholes out of the others...I guess the rest of my inspiration comes from my love for telling stories...I find it very fulfilling to sit down with a bunch of beer and write for hours and hours...its almost therapeutic.

Punk Globe: Tell the readers where they can find the book.

MIKE ADAMS: As always you'll be able to find it on my websites...but aside from that I believe it will be available on Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

Punk Globe: Who are some of your favorite Authors?

MIKE ADAMS: I'm very fond of people such as: Hunter S. Thompson, Charles Bukowski, Jim Morrison, and William Burroughs...I never find myself suffering from attention deficit disorder when I read these guys...they are sort of poetic ritalin!

Punk Globe: You composed music for the Movie "It Came From Trafalgar" How did you get involved with the project?

MIKE ADAMS: Well, I wrote a song that is being used in the film as well as going to be included on the motion picture soundtrack...Solomon (director) asked me if I would contribute something to the soundtrack...So, I sent him about six different songs for consideration and in the end he picked my song
"Cranked out Redneck"...

Punk Globe: Who is in the cast of the Movie?

MIKE ADAMS: All sorts of motherfuckers...Rudy Ray Moore (Dolemite), Hank Williams III, Butch Patrick (The Munsters), Linnea Quigley (Return Of the Living Dead), Edwin Neal (Original Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Gunnar Hansen (Original Texas Chainsaw Massacre), J.P. Richardson (Big Bopper Jr.), Kenny
Miller (I was a Teenage Werewolf), Jesco White (The Dancing Outlaw), Conrad Brooks (Plan 9 From Outerspace), Brinke Stevens (Slumber Party Massacre), Bill Hinzman (Original Night Of the Living Dead), Jim O'Rear (Day of the Dead), Joey Image (Misfits), Joe Buck, Sloppy Seconds...I think that is it but jesus christ I can't keep them all straight.

Punk Globe: Was it hard for you to get involved with composing music for films or did you have some inside connections?

MIKE ADAMS: Honestly, it's a fucking bitch trying to get work in the film industry period. I really want to do more of that type of thing but I want to do it for projects that I believe in...I really don't want to live my
life scoring commercials and writing jingles for assholes selling KY Jelly and toothpaste. I want to be creative and experimental and unorthodox in my approach...and because I feel this way it really limits the type of work
that I am offered...it gets really frustrating at times.

Punk Globe: Do you play with a band presently?

MIKE ADAMS: No....but from time to time I get offers to play bass for certain people and I'll take off and go do some shows...but as far as committing to a band I just don't have the patience...although I am up for
touring with the White Trash Debutantes anytime they need me!

Punk Globe: Have you worked on any other Movies?

MIKE ADAMS: A few...I've done work on some that get made but don't have the budget to see the light of day...and then I've signed on to do some that just don't get made...

Punk Globe: Tell the readers about your involvement with Steve Balderson's " Phone Sex...... What Is Sexy?" How did you meet Steve?

MIKE ADAMS: It's all sort of a blur to me really...it was just as if one day we started talking. You know Steve and I both have the whole "being artists in the midwest" thing in common. We've both made the decision to create and do the projects we decide to do from the armpit of America. Most artists spend their entire career living inside a world that they are not accustom to...they live their lives according to what they hear people say they need to do in order to achieve success. But the reality is that the success comes from being honest with yourself and what it is that you do and just do it...but I admire the fuck out of Steve...he's always been very kind to me and I can't imagine he treats most other people any different...and truth be told I've been trying to work with him ever since we met...I've sat up all night just composing music based around conversations that Steve and I have had. He is one of those directors that I just want to work with...I like,
respect, and admire his shit and it is in his general direction that I would like to go in regards to my work in film.

So when he asked me to participate in Phone Sex I didn't hestitate...Well, I think all of us hesitated at first...I don't think we had a fucking clue as to what Steve's intentions were with this project...fuck I'm not even sure
if I knew it was a project. But now I bring girls home two and three at a time and fuck them all while Phone Sex plays on...sometimes I just sit alone in the dark and masturbate while I watch it...it's my way of really getting to know the film.

Punk Globe: The Premiere Party for "Phone Sex" was a real swinging event with all sorts of Stars... Tell me what was some of your highlights besides speaking with Tammy Adin -Associate Editor of Punk Globe and later finding out you and Brandon were staying in the exact same Hotel as she stayed...

MIKE ADAMS: It was really great to meet and talk to Susan Traylor...I've been a fan of hers since "Broken Vessels"...and you know meeting people like you Ginger, who were just cool as fuck to hang out with, talk about music, drink and cause chaos...Seriously though, every encounter was a pleasure. I just wish that Josie Cotton hadn't caught me making out with Karen Black  in the bathroom...not only was it embarrassing but it ruined my chances of making out with her later in the evening.

Punk Globe: Both you and Brandon are fun loving guys who enjoy a good bar and I was happy to show you Hollywood's best -Tiny's KO. Steve sends his best to you!

MIKE ADAMS: Tell that bastard he nearly killed us! I don't know what kind of whisky he was serving but we were belching and farting it out all across America the next day on the plane...jesus christmas cross, I thought for a second that I might have been poisoned...poor Brandon not only looked like he had been gang fucked by five hispanics and a rottweiler but also lost his best friend.

Punk Globe: How was it coming back to the fucking freezing weather in Indiana ? After being in sunny L.A. ? TOASTED - I might add

MIKE ADAMS: It sucked...we had a layover in St. Paul where it was fifteen below...the LA sun had just seasoned my blood to accept temperatures in the upper seventies and now I was being forced into mild hypothermia after a five hour flight. That mixed with Steve's whisky didn't make for a fun trip home...

Punk Globe: What does the future hold and did you ask the Hotel about the half a case of Corona and the Phone Charger Tammy left there?

MIKE ADAMS: The future...Well, I just want to keep doing more of everything I love to do...Everything from grilling steaks and drinking beer to making music and being a general nuisance. I want to start acting in some movies...Being a part of Phone Sex really got me hungry to do that type of thing...As far as that case of Corona all I can say is that you  sent the wrong two people in search of it...once it was spotted I had Brandon watch the door as I beat the clerk into submission with a small stick and some pizza coupons. He handed over the beer but on the way back to return it we accidentally drank it...sorry.

Punk Globe: Any last words for Punk Globe readers?

MIKE ADAMS: Take me to your shitter!




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