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By: Ginger Coyote
After NAMM was over this year. I help set up a dinner party for Kathy Peck and Jessica Dickson at El Compadre. . I had just met Mignon on Facebook so I invited her to join the party... I was a bit surprised when she showed up.. We had not ever met but after chatting with her for a few minutes I could tell she was way cool. I was so happy to have her come to the party.. She was a pure delight and everyone loved her. Lady Gaga Move Over..... Mignon has arrived.. With a punk rock edge!!!
Later that night Kathy, Jessica, Mignon, Kim and myself went to The Burgundy Room and The Velvet Margarita where we closed the place down drinking Margarita's... I was amazed by how friendly and down to earth she is.. A complete pleasure to meet and know.. I hope you enjoy the this interview with my dear friend Mignon.
Punk Globe: Tell us a bit about yourself. where are you from in Germany?
Mignon: I grew up in a small city in the South of Germany called Heilbronn as a teenager I escaped and moved to Berlin as I always been a misfit, I started performing with drag-queens they dragged me on stage as I already had blue hair and dressed like a doll
Punk Globe: Tell us about what bands you played with in Berlin?
Mignon: I've been in several bands my first band was a girl-group called Girleen then I sang in a Country-band Wild Turkey and I started writing my own music in 2000 and then performed with Peaches from 2001 till 2003 been touring with my own music through Europe since
Punk Globe: How did you meet Peaches and begin playing with her?
Mignon: I met Peaches when she performed with Gonzales at Benicassim Festival in Spain. I played keyboards for an electronic artist it was before she moved to Berlin and we became friends instantly. As she got signed she wanted company on stage and we toured the world and rocked it together pretty hard!
Punk Globe: Are you on any of her recordings
Mignon: We wrote one song together called "Casanova" which came out in the US on her first album the Teaches of Peaches when it got re-released by XL and I sing vocals on her second album on the song "Shake Yer Dicks" Peaches also sang vocals on my first album called "Bad,Evil,Wicked and Mean" on the track "Bad Girl"
Punk Globe: Can you tell us about the music scene in Germany?
Mignon: There are some brave worriers out there ... you wanna hear some names? I can recommend Cobra Killer, Taylor Savvy, Angie Reed, Namosh to name a few...
Punk Globe: How would you best describe the Mignon sound?
Mignon: "Balls-to-the-walls anthems which will stain your mouth and sit in your throat like a splintered candy apple washed down with a hot shot of Jagermeister"
I like not to over complicate arrangements and love simple guitar riffs, the sound shall represent the lyrics when I compose, it is like I see a movie in front of my eyes (kinda horror, gangster,sex and violence movies) and I transform that feel into a song I think I am having a unique style; I could say its Horror-Shock-Rock cause of my Stage-Show.
Punk Globe: What made you decide to come to Hollywood?
Mignon: I was producing my new album in LA with Rob Hill who also produced (Everlast, Korn and Cypress Hill) and I extended my stay as I liked it here so much. I am staying as I also would love to collaborate as there are amazingly talented musicians out here! There is sooo much to rebel against here in the US and America has such a big influence on the world that is challenging me.
Punk Globe: Tell us about your new release?
Mignon: I am releasing a single called "Hot Love" with 2 remixes one remix by Amsterdam wizards Bronstibock and one remix by Namosh it will be available online at http://www.itunes.com/mignon and there will be also a video release to it you can buy the CD at my show!
Punk Globe: What label is releasing it?
Mignon: I will release it on my own label BadGirl-Records http://www.badgirl-records.com
Punk Globe: I am soooo excited about your upcoming show at Crazy Girls. what made you pick that club to celebrate the release of your new single?
Mignon: Sometimes in Europe after my shows I like to go to Strip-Clubs for an after-party with Kamikaze Britney the girl who performs with me I love the atmosphere and its fun! And as "Hot Love" is such a sleazy track its just fantastic having Strippers dance to it! When I heard that they have bands there perform at Crazy Girls I knew this is perfect!
Punk Globe: Will the Girls be dancing during the show?
Mignon: Yeah!!! they will!!! I am excited!!
Punk Globe: Can you please give the readers the 411 on the show at Crazy Girls so they can come and check you out
Mignon: Wednesday March 3, 2010 Bands will be on at 9 o'clock until Midnight be there early!!!! you don't wanna miss a minute! The club closes at 2am. I will be playing embedded between 2 acts Loveanda38 http://www.myspace.com/loveanda38
and TheBlackRosePhantoms http://www.myspace.com/theblackrosephantoms

Crazy Girls Hollywood
1433 N La Brea Ave Los Angeles 90028 CA
Its on the corner of Sunset 21+ with a full bar and $10 to get in
Punk Globe: Have you played any other venue's in LA?
Mignon: I played at the Palladium with Peaches in 2002 opening for Queensofthestoneage and Trail of Dead! I also played at the Parlor in 2005 on Santa Monica Boulevard
Punk Globe: Tell us who your musical influences are?
Mignon: Everything I ever listened to
Punk Globe: Do you have any web addresses you would like to promote?
Punk Globe: Do you have any words of advice for bands wanting to tour Europe?
Mignon: Tour there!!! You get treated nicely they pay toward the travel pay nice fees and you get food drinks and a hotel! Try to get a booking agent to make it easier.
Punk Globe: Any last word for Punk Globe readers?
Mignon: "Don't let them get you!!!"
Thanks so much for the wonderful interview Mignon... I can't wait for your show at Crazy Girls and urge everyone in the Los Angeles to be at Crazy Girls on March 3rd.....