By: Jo Murray
Mignon's story goes back to 2001, when she toured alongside of Peaches as a performer and vocalist, establishing an ongoing musical relationship. Discovering a similar taste in music and desire to shock audiences, they began co-writing tracks together and toured around the globe. Mignon started making a name for herself and performed at Larry Tee's "Electroclash Festival" in New York and Arthur Baker's “Return to New York Festival in London.
In 2003, Mignon kicked off her solo career with performances across the UK, USA and Europe. Mignon self-produced her debut album 'Bad Evil Wicked and Mean' in Berlin and invited guests such as Lady Miss Kier (Deelite), Peaches, Thomas Wydler (Bad Seeds), Quan Yeomans (Regurgitator), Gonzales and Taylor Savvy to contribute. The album was then released in Europe, Japan and Australia in 2007.
Mignon’s punk demeanor and appetite for hair-raising rock'n' roll has seen her tour the world, sharing the stage with Peaches, as well as supporting Trail of Dead, Queens of The Stone Age and, most recently, Rob Zombie. Mignon’s live performance is best known for erupting with a combination of face-paint and smoke-bombs, bloodied nurses and military ensembles, fake knives and fiery leather pants!!
"Mignon, single-white-female chum of Peaches comes on like PJ Harvey as a school bully.“ NME
"... this highpitched rock bitch is a Joan Jett for the 21st century.“ Harpers & Queen
"Mignon isn’t going to stop until she has everyone on their knees, with only one woman’s name on their lips and a toxic warning sign painted on every collar." Alternative Magazine