July 2017


Michael Strand
3 Song Acoustic Recording
Ep Review By: Ginger Coyote


  1. World Burning
  2. Long, Long Road
  3. Locomotive Don't Pass Me By

Thumper Punk Record runs a wide range with the musical styles that they release.. Michael W. Stand is a seasoned in gospel singer, he has had a long successful career doing multiple genres of music. He Founded in the early 1980's, his band The Altar Boys who developed a strong following as they rocked in their faith over Orange County style punk and alternative rock. In his current band The Altar Billies, Stand continues to flex his songwriting abilities, guitar skills and vocal talent to reach out to a diverse audience of people that appreciate the finer musical qualities found in rockabilly, gospel, and country. His 3 Song Acoustic series release features stripped down acoustic versions of three of his more notable efforts with an added measure of rockabilly flare.