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"Sensory Overdrive"
By: Michael Rys
Look at this band... Michael Monroe, Sam Yaffa, Steve Conte, Karl Rockfist and Ginger. Power house supergroup. Ohhh.... the potential to just ROCK LIKE FUCK, or to blow like most "supergroups". Check your rock history..its pretty ugly with groups stacked with loads of talent ,overblown egos, and no directions. I'm happy to report its not the case with Michael Monroe's latest solo record and his first since the disbanding of the second version of the legendary Hanoi Rocks. Not only did I have the expectations of that greatness to live up to but as a fan of his solo work, especially 1999's "Life Get You Dirty" I wont let him off easy if it blew. Thank the gods of rock n roll it does not.This might be titled a Michael Monroe records but looking through the song writing credits you can see ,and for that matter hear this is truly a band effort.I'm not taking anything away from Mr Monroe's song writing ability but I must say as a big fan of The Wildhearts I recognize Gingers songwriting hand all over this record, and its damn fine touch too. The harmonies,and melodies really carry the songs,clever changes in tempo that make even some of the mid tempo rockers swagger. Conte's axe adds quite a growl, and the rhythm section of Rockfist and Yaffa seem like they have played together for years. Being a rock icon gets you guest vocals on "Gone Baby Gone" by Lucinda Williams and Lemmy on "Debauchery As A Fine Art." 11 Songs with no filler and the over all result will in my mind just elevate Michael Monroe's legend status.Hopefully the rocking but no less accessible tunes on here will finally result in commercial success here in the US.This probably being the only country he plays where its not large venues.My favorites on the record are "Trick Of The Wrist,78" ,"Superpowered Superfly", "All You Need" and "Gone Baby Gone."
You can find out more about Sensory Overdrive and Michael Monroe at www.michaelmonroe.com.
The Record is out on Universal Spinefarm Records so you should be able to find it just about anywhere.
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