Chronic Vitality, Are a Young six piece Band who Merge from Pinole California, They have recently been creating some New Music, with some great sounds!

They are like listening to a glisten from a step back in time, in the era of Rock n Roll of bands like The Rolling Stones, & The Doors, They have a smooth deep sound creating some very amazing music, And you should Really go off and check them out!

The Band members in this 6 piece from California are:

Michael Mann -- guitar, vocals
Kentin Cantwell -- bass
Willa Keegan-Rodewald -- trombone
Garrett Mann -- drums
Aryien Shapiro -- lead guitar
Austin Thai -- keyboards
Ethan Visconti -- saxophone

Find them on Facebook at:

If you would like to check them out live, They have a couple of Shows for Their local area at the following venues.

Dec. 9 (Fri.) - Local Music Benefit Show - Hercules High School
Dec. 11 (Sun.) - Battle of the Bands - DNA Lounge, San Francisco

"Chronic Vitality will be battling it out at Battle of the Bandsfor..$10 each..At the DNA Lounge in San Francisco on Sunday, December 11"

I recently had a chat with the guys, about their band and their music . Plus who they are!
PUNK GLOBE: Tell us a little about the band, How did you get together as a band and when did you form?
Michael Mann: Well my brother Garrett and I put together a band two summers ago, but its members weren’t as committed as I needed them to be, so the band basically disintegrated. Then, this past January, I added a dude I go to school with on bass named Kentin Cantwell and my previous bass player, Aryien Shapiro, moved to guitar. Our chemistry since then has been amazing and we’re getting better every time we play together. Their styles are so unique and both are great guitarists. Aryien is probably the best guitar player I know. He’s absolutely amazing!
PUNK GLOBE: You have a brand new recently recorded demo Album out. Can you tell us about that?
Michael Mann: We really needed gigs, so we decided the only way to get them was to make a demo. I really had no intention of recording because we didn’t have a full album ready, but I soon figured out that we had to record something in order to get venues into us. So we picked three of our original songs (“Me and You”, “Join”, and “Miss Sinclair”) that I think are all very different from each other. I like to think that there’s a little bit of something for everybody in our demo because all the songs each are a different type of rock and roll. “Me and You” is about making life your own and not necessarily following paths that are supposedly the correct ones. “Join” emphasizes the need to work with others in order to succeed. Both parties need each other to do something great, but it takes complete devotion from each, which is something very difficult to achieve. And “Miss Sinclair” is basically about being deathly afraid of your own life...almost like all the good things that you live for have been unfairly taken away. I wanted to try to describe what that may feel like.
PUNK GLOBE: How did you come up with such a cool Band Name Chronic Vitality?
Michael Mann: “Chronic Vitality” kind of sums up how I feel about music. When I listen to a good rock song, all the problems and stress of life sort of drift away. It’s kind of an escape from reality for a little while. There’s no future, there’s no past, there’s no death. The only thing that matters is how I feel “right now.” No matter what is going on in my life, I put on that certain song and I feel like I‘m going to live forever, or at least it doesn’t matter if I don’t. I haven’t found anything else that makes me feel the same way that rock and roll does. Rock has a way of reaching down into your soul and making you feel more alive than you ever have before. Truthfully, what else matters in life besides that?
PUNK GLOBE: Do you all song write together or write your own songs?
Michael Mann: So far I have written all our songs, but this is going to change because Aryien is such a prolific writer. I anticipate that we’re all going to work together to come up with a full album. I spoke to Aryien the other day and we have this epic idea for a lot of songs, so we’ll see. I think that Aryien and Kentin will come up with a lot of the musical parts while I write the lyrics. However, I’m not going to limit myself just to this because I have a lot of musical ideas too, so we’ll see what happens.
PUNK GLOBE: How long did it take to put the album together,
Michael Mann: Well I wrote the songs on our demo a long time ago. But the recording probably took a few weeks because we only recorded about once or twice a week.
PUNK GLOBE: I see your Currently starting to play some shows, how are they going, any plans of Touring,
Michael Mann: The shows so far have been awesome! We try to kick ass at all times. I throw a lot of curveballs at the band because I like to be spontaneous. Most of the time I don’t think they know what I’m going to make them do next, which challenges us and keeps the show fresh. A lot of the time we play songs completely differently than we practice them just because the show takes us in a different direction. I find it exhilarating. I just wish we had more shows...gigs are much harder to get than I previously had thought. As far as touring goes, I have definitely thought about it. Maybe we can tackle that next summer if we have an album.
PUNK GLOBE:Do you wear themed clothing like other bands do?
Michael Mann: No we don’t. I want everyone in the band to be who they are individually. However, we have a tendency to all wear black.
PUNK GLOBE: Which songs do you perform most frequently?
Michael Mann: We always perform our originals that are on the demo (“Me and You”, “Join”, and “Miss Sinclair”).
PUNK GLOBE: Do you ever play any covers?
Michael Mann: Yeah, we play a lot of covers. We don’t have that many originals and we still have over 2 1/2 hours of music. I think we’re one of the only bands that plays straight up rock and roll, which I think is really cool. However, our timeline is very broad. We play songs that are from the 60s and we play songs that were made very recently. There are no rules to what we may cover.
PUNK GLOBE: Do you get together and play with any of the other bands?
Michael Mann: We’ve played at some open mic nights that other bands have played at, but usually it’s just us. I really want to get together with some other groups though.
PUNK GLOBE: What made you wanna be musicians and get into the music scene?
Michael Mann: Being in a band has always been a big dream of mine so I’m so grateful that I actually get to do it. Music is single-handedly the most important thing in my life other than my family. I could not live without it, so it’s incredibly amazing that I can play for others and hopefully give them the same happiness and excitement that I get out of rock music. As Aryien says, people listen to music to escape problems in their normal lives, so I want to try to give people that escape through our music as well.
PUNK GLOBE: What bands do you like to listen to?
Michael Mann: Anyone who knows me knows that I love listening to Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. I believe that they are the greatest rock and roll band in the world. I’ve learned a lot from them. I also listen to the Rolling Stones, Green Day, CCR, Billy Joel, the Eagles, John Mellencamp, the Eagles, ACDC, Kid Rock, Journey, and Tom Petty. There are a lot more though.
PUNK GLOBE: What bands did you grow up listening too?
Michael Mann: Basically all the ones I just mentioned, but mostly Bruce.
PUNK GLOBE: Who are the bands music influences and inspirations to create the melodic sounds you play and create?..
Michael Mann: Some of our influences are Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Social Distortion, Green Day, U2, John Mellencamp, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, CCR, the White Stripes, ACDC, Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, Eric Clapton, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. There are so many more though because we play a lot of covers.
PUNK GLOBE: What do you like to do in your spare time?
Michael Mann: Oh man, it’s illegal to tell you what I like to do in my spare time, but it has something to do with consuming liquid that isn’t water! Also, I love baseball, smoking cigars, and anything that is on four wheels, goes fast, and doesn’t have sirens. Garrett (drummer) is a huge work-out guy and he’s constantly working on his muscles, but he is a big baseball player and cross country runner. Kentin (bass) likes doing anything that involves pissing me off, and Aryien must only play the guitar because he’s too good at it to ever do anything else except practice! Overall, we all are always immersed in music.
PUNK GLOBE: Where do you see yourself in 10 yrs?
Michael Mann: I hope that we have a good chance of still playing together as a band. I believe we’re getting really good so I’m excited to see how far we can take this. If the stars line up, there’s no stopping us.
PUNK GLOBE: What age did u start getting into music, playing and learning how to play?
Michael Mann: Michael Mann: I’ve been playing music since I was in the fourth grade, but I only picked up the guitar a year and a half ago. But I would say that I have been constantly involved in music my entire life. I think that I can say that for everybody in my band also.
PUNK GLOBE: What can you tell me about your instruments? Are you keen to use certain brands or will you play with whatever's available?
Michael Mann: I like Fender guitars, but I know that Aryien plays a lot of different types of things. He’s more keen on brands and such than I am. We don’t really have a whole lot of money, so we kind of just play whatever is available to us.
PUNK GLOBE: What made you choose the instruments you have now?
Michael Mann: Well guitars and drums are a given for any rock and roll band. Since I write most of our songs on the piano, we need a keyboard, and I love horns. Trombones, saxophones, trumpets...I would love to have a big swinging horn section at our shows because it adds so much power. Hopefully that will happen down the road.
PUNK GLOBE: Who is your best band ever?
Michael Mann: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, without a doubt.
PUNK GLOBE: Fans often wanna know funny little things about a band, like whats your favorite food? What after shave do you wear? What TV shows do you like? Is there anything personal you wanna share for the fans and readers?
Michael Mann: Uhhhhh...we all think sushi’s fucking awesome!!
Thank you so much For sparing the time for this interview! Good Luck with all your future ventures. I hope we see you over here at Punk Globe again sometime!