By: Timm Carney
Michael Frost is not dead. No matter what you have read or what he may have told you; he is not dead. Who the fuck is Michael Frost? He is an artist. He is a writer, film maker and visual 2D artist. Born in Spain of Spanish and American parents he moved to the US in the 1970’s. Michael Frost is someone you should know about.

In June of 2011 a show of his collage paintings called “Cut Ups” hung in the Edgar Varela Fine Arts Gallery in Los Angeles. These works were created with pieces of 1960’s Spanish movie posters pasted together and augmented with paint and LED lights. The amusing and alarming images captivate the audience as do his films. His film “3 Stories about Evil”, a still montage, exemplifies both the amusing and the alarming aspects of his work. One of the stories is “The Story of Pat and Pepper”. It involves a mother played by Mink Stole and her show business daughter Pepper a plastic baby doll. The images like those in the “Cut Ups” show are hilarious and disturbing at the same time.

Michael Frost along with his partner Charles Wright produce, write and direct films as Helsinki Productions. Their award winning short film “The Harvey Girl from Shanghai” is a mash up of stories making an entirely new and fascinating and funny story. This story too is collage not at all unlike his “Cut Ups” works. They are currently working on a feature film titled “Shut Ins” based on a web series starring Erica Gavin, a true Hollywood bad girl. She was a star the Russ Meyers movies “Vixen” and “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls”. Michael has future shows of his paintings and other scripts in various states of production right now. This is a man to keep an eye on as you never know what he will turn out next. Information about Michael Frost’s future shows and works available can be found on his website

Photos: Charles Wright