By: Elvis Gus Rotten
MFU (Martians From Uranus) debut album Addictions combines the looseness of the New York Dolls and the tightness of the Ramones in an effort that is stunning to say the least. Covers rarely outdo the originals but when covers improve the fundamentals structure they are based on the results are often stunning. Rick Rivets (Corpse Grinders, New York Dolls) described the effort as, “a heavy punk [album] with a bit of Stones and Dolls thrown in for good measure.” The album starts off with a rocking version of the classic surf tune “Pipeline”, arguably made famous by Johnny Thunders, and while this version of “Pipeline” stays true to the original it has a slightly different middle bridge. “By the Balls” sounds like the perfect 1979 New York punk song; it even channels Jerry Nolan’s “Countdown Love” for good measure. “By the Balls” has killer bass worked laid down by Scott McIntosh. “Young Jack” could be a consider punk rock with a very heavy blues influence. “I Don’t Care” sings about the realities of life and has a catchy, yet addictive, refrain. “Mary Jane” is a fun rock song that emphasis the carefree attitude needed for music (‘If you’re ever feeling down/Mary Jane is always around’). “Without You” a Sylvain Sylvain original is amazing break between the rocking punk songs, and shows off Scott McIntosh’s vocal ability. This ballad paints a vivid picture of the hopelessness of love, using the brightness colors possible. “Trust” is best described as a war between the members of MFU and the studio that captured them with blazing guitars in the front of the mix. “Sometimes” is MFU’s one attempt at scoring that hit single and is the most commercial sounding song on the album… but MFU pulls it off. Addictions then continues with the smooth cover of the Heartbreaker’s “To Much Junkie Business” with stellar guitar work laid down by Rivets and topnotch vocals from Walter Lure.
Punk Globe: How would you describe MFU's Addictions?
Ricky Rivets: A heavy punk with a bit of Stones and Dolls thrown in for good measure.
Punk Globe: If David Jo called you up tomorrow and beg you to be in the Dolls would you want to work it out?
R.R.: No, that was then and now I have to many other projects going on. Besides I never got along with David Jo.
Punk Globe: How did you guys pick the random assortment of covers to go on Addictions?
R.R.: That was Scott's call since he is the lead singer and MFU is really his band as far as the leader goes. I lucked into them when they asked me to play on a song or two. After that I joined as a permanent member as our tastes are so similar.