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In Memoriam

Lost Friends and Family

Lenore Real Cool Chick (Punk Globe Photographer)
Lois Dolan -- Manager-- Wealthy Writer
Joey Ramone (Ramones)
Frankie Fix (Crime)
Bob Foltz (Photographer,Thrift Town)
Joe Strummer (The Clash)
Brian Marnell (SVT)
Dee Dee Ramone (Ramones)
Marion Anderson (Insaints)
Stiv Bators (Dead Boys)
Bianca Butthole (Betty Blowtorch)
Paula Yates (TV Personality, Bob Geldof's EX)
Rob Graves (45 Grave)
Lou Rudolph (Artist)
Johnny Thunders (NY Dolls)
Arthur Kane (NY Dolls)
Jerry Nolan (NY Dolls)
Chuck Wagon (Dickie's)
Brittley Black (Crime)
Ricky Sleeper (Sleepers)
Crawford (GOD)
Bart (Berkeley Square)
Nyna Crawford (Vktms)
Jane Dornacker (Leila & The Snakes)
Michael Collins (Klubstitute)
Gloria Harrison (Attorney)
Herb Caen (Chronicle)
Dennis Dannell (Social Distortion)
Derrick Plouride (Lag Wagon)
Rebbecca Shaffer (Actress)
Donnie Rose
(L7 Fan)
John Tremblie (Photographer)
Marilyn Joyce McIntosh (Mab Bartender)
Peter Hartman (544 Natoma)
Mohamed (Vktms Manager)
Brother Ed (Brotherhood Of Light)
Spencer Dryden (Jefferson Airplane)
Sumner Crane (Writer)
Andy Warhol
Miss Edie
(The Egg Lady)
Mary Monday (Singer)
Nick Traina (Link 80)
Wanda (4 Non Blondes)
Mimi Farina
Roz Williams
Little Dee
(Underground Film Star)
Matty Lyon (Rough Trade)
Will Shatter (Flipper)
John (Flipper)
Tracey Chick (Mab Door Man)
Ben Mann (VS. Roadie)
Roy Holmes (Flipper. Road Manager)
Don Vinyl ( The Offs)
Jeffery Lee Pierce (Gun Club)
Eileen Treachey (Joe Jackson Manager)
Eric Rad (Housecoat Project)
El--Duce (The Mentors)
Valerie French (Actress)
Kurt Cobain (Nirvana)
Phil Lynott (Thin Lizzy)
Greg Smotty (Sound Man)
Freddy Mercury (Queen)
Darby Crash (Germs)
Jerrianne (Frances Farmer Gals)
Ivey (Punk Calendar)
Jackson Weir (Seizure)
Sandy Beach
Erica (Mabuhay Waitress)
Teresa Sh--Boom
Sid Vicious (Sex Pistols)
Candy Darling (Actress)
Michael Hutchens (INXS)
Nancy Spungen
Johnny Ramone (Ramones)
Ian Curtis (Joy Division)
Buck Naked
Gino Dalton
Jeffery Brooks
(Etta James Manager)
Country Dick (Beat Farmers)
Greg Shaw -- Bomp Records
Janie -- Scene Maker
Dave Delinquent
Carmel Sterling -- Hair Dresser
Tippy -- Sluts A Go-Go
Bobby and Dora Boyles -- Palm's Owners
Doris Fish -- Sluts A Go-Go
DOGEE -- Lewd Roadie
River Phoenix
Michael Scigliano -- Founder Of Uptime
Frankie Glitter Doll
Jenny Lush
Mike Holic
Paul Baloff --
Larry Whitman -- Paul Collins and the Beat
Jim D'Kaye --- Crime Lightman
Ed --- Mab Regular worked for Post Office
Craig Lee -- Journalist
David Venice -- Angels Of Light
Pristine Condition -- Cocquettes
Sylvester -- Musician
John Menzie -- Engineer
Paul Darling -- Angels Of Light
Vito Paluekos -- Artist, Dancer
Reggie -- Cockquette
O'Lerrick Paluekos -- Baby Of Sarah and BB Paluekos
Tim Yohannon -- Maximun Rock n Roll Editor
Rik L Rik -- Musician
Jimmy Modern -- Manager
Norman "Norm" Malin -- Roadie for Cubensis, Dead, Suicide.
Rabbit --  Mabuhay Gardens Doorman and Chef
Melisa Weber Miller -- Writer, Poet, Mother
Chet Helms -- Promoter of the Avalon Ballroom, Family Dog events
and The Summer of Love; discovered Janis Joplin; Gallery Owner.

Ricky Applebaum -- Tattooed Vegtables
Bob Benevites --  Leather Maker from Venice Beach
Turk Laclay --  Dada Artist
Jeff Unger --  The Dadas (featuring Naomi Ruth Eisenberg). The Wimps

Kevin -- Urban Assault
Mike Mohawk -- Worked at the On Broadway
Paul Majeski --  Musician and Roadie for Translator and Romeo Void
Larry Coleman -- Teacher
Thor -- The Adapters
Heather -- Model
Wilda Coleman -- Mother, Worked at Algona Hospital
Jessica Roe --  Drummer and Mother
Tomato du Plenty -- The Screamers
Esther Wong -- Madame Wong's
Randy "Biscuit" Turner -- The Big Boys
Brian Deneke -- 19 Year Old Punker hit by a car driven by a jock in TX
Cranford Nix-- Singer/Guitarist of The Malakas
Gerald Gannon -- Cab Driver
John Fielder -- Gilbert The Gardner on "One Life to Live."
Eric Emerson --  Lead Vocalist for the Magic Tramps and Warhol Star Super Star
Stig -- Lead Singer of The Icons Of Filth from the UK
Nancy Coleman -- Actress-- Passed away in 2000
Upchuck -- (Fags) Died of AIDS in 1989
Timmy Oi -- (Aerobic Death) Died in 1996
Pete Skin -- (Killed by cops) Died in 1996
Rick H --  Booker for The Cooler Lounge in Las Vegas 
and played in various bands such as Damaged Goods and The Dirty Babies..

A great person with a heart of gold...
Mary Jesus -- Oakland Music Fan
Link Wray --  Guitar Legend
Wendie Jo Sperber -- Actress best known as Amy in "Bosom Buddies"
plus film roles in "Back To The Future," "1941,"
and "I Wanna Hold Your Hand.
Pat Morita --  Japanese Actor best known as
Arnold from Happy Days and The Karate Kid
Kathi Dolan -- Double Feature
Hobbit --
Roadie Mikki Zone-- The Fast
Chris Penn -- Actor, Musician
Bomber-- (Richard Manzullo) RKL
Jason Sears-- RKL
Randy Bachman -- Worked at The Stone and various clubs in SF. 
Photographer, he was killed wile photographing a band

outside of the Stone..Hit by a car
Roxy Michaels /Musician and Actor
Stephen aka Pagon -- My Space
Barry Cowsill -- The Cowsill's a victim of Hurricane Katrina
Barbara Cowsill -- The Cowsill's
D-Boon -- Minutemem
Allen "Alpo" Paulino -- The Real Kids
Dusty Coffin -- Tales Of Terror
Mark Miller -- Scene Maker
Vickie Anderson --
Scene Maker
Allen Black --
Daniel -- Drummer for the Atlanta band the Bitter End
Jim Osbourne -- Underground Artist, Boyfriend of Nyna Crawford
Dean Waldron -- Artist
Bill Hall -- Owned Suave Sound with his wife Mikki in San Jose, CA
Nikki Sudden -- Musician
Bob Banks -- Musician
Patrick Miller -- Minimal Man
June Pointer -- Pointer Sisters
Vince Welnick -- The Tubes , Grateful Dead
Vic Ratto -- Owned The Berkeley Square
and was managing Penelope Houston and dong Real Estate.

Steven "Stevo" Jenson --  The original Vandals Singer
Lyon -- Guitarist For Tales Of Terror
Carol Rice
Syd Barrett --
Pink Floyd
Eddy Anarchy -- Beloved Roadie& Friend from Vancouver, Canada
Bruce Gary -- The Knack
Daniel Smith -- 20 year old son of Anna Nicole Smith
Billy Chapin -- Bike Messenger , Bass Player
Doug Rocker -- Played with the Seattle band Solger
Ann Richards -- ex- Governor of Texas
Gene Pitney -- Famed Singer "Town Without Pity" and "Heartbreaker"
Dimebag -- Pantera
Hugh O Neil --  The Queers
Raybeez -- Warzone
Mimi Farina --  Vocalist-- Joan Baez's Sister and Aunt of Nick Marden
Nasum -- Vocalist was killed in Tsunami
Mayhem --  Vocalist
Jumpin' Gene Simmons --  
Rockabilly Great
Ralph Rebel --  Rockabilly / Surf
Tommy Decker -- Roadie
Roger Rogerson -- Circle Jerks
Rockin' Rob Dapello
---- San Jose Old Schooler (Lars Fredriksen's Brother)
Sandy West --
The Runaways
Dirk Dirksen -- "The Pope of Punk,"  video producer, promoter and music impresario 
of the Mabuhay Gardens "Fab Mab,"
and the On Broadway in San Francisco
James Brown -- Legend
Mike Webber -- The Nip Drivers
Arthur Lee --
Arthur Lee's Love
Ruth Brown -- Singer and portrayed Motor Mouth Mabel in "Hairspray"
April Lawton --
Legendary Guitarist for Ramatam
Mark Rude -- Artist
Wes Robinson -- East Bay Promoter -- Ruthie's Inn, The Eastern Front
Pablo Heising -- Founder of The Haight Street Fair was also associated with Folsom and Castro Street Fairs
Preston Brown -- Worked at Bill Dakota's famed Hot Dog Stand
Kenneth Kendall -- Eccentric Artist
Peter Ivers -- New Wave Theater
Darlene Conley -- She portrayed Sally Spectra on "The Bold and Tne Beautiful"
Yvonne Decarlo  -- Lily Munster
Denny Doherty --  The Mama's and Papa's
Brent Liles -- Social Distortion and Agent Orange
Mike Keys -- old school Burbank Punk, BPO
Liz Renay -- Appeared in John Waters Movie "Desperate Living"
and was an actress and  stripper in the 1950's...

Sweet -- Mission A Alumni
Charlotte Lesher --  Mother of Joey Ramone and Micky Leigh
Wendy O Williams -- Plasmatics
Jules Lenier --  World Famous Magician
Anna Nicole Smith --
Actress, Icon &quot;Esat Hoxha NRML&quot;;
Mark Craney -- Drummer for Tommy Bolin, Jethro Tull..
Mark used to live in Vermilion, South Dakota and one of his first bands was Zero Ted

Todd Gerald Barnes -- TSOL
David Bratton --
Rhino 39
Greg Shaw -- Bomp Records
Dennis "Denz Havoc" Smith -- Roadie for The Undead
Richard Jeni -- Actor /Comedian
Kim Danders -- KUSF Dee Jay
Ian Cartmill -- worked with Flipper and DOA. He also owned Secret Studios...
Erno -- Erno's Tattoo's
Curtis Grant -- Touch Me Hooker
Rockbottom aka Chuck Haulsey: Singer and true Punk on the LA and S.F. scene
Carla White -- Jazz Singer
Dave Bateman -- Original Guitarist & Songwriter  for Vice Squad
Ike Turner
Aaron Gregory-- Bassist for The Toiling Midgets, Sound Engineer For Tom Mallon Studios
Carol Mohawk aka Carol Ruth
Randy Hobbs -- Bass Player for Rick Derringer, Edgar and Johnny Winter
Danny The Roadie -- worked for The Nuns and Les Paul
Hilly Krystal -- Owner of CBGBs that helped spawn the careers
of The Ramones, Bebe Buell, Blondie,  Talking Heads, Jayne County, Dictators, Patti Smith, Television

Jeep Holland -- Originally from Detroit but passed away in Baltimore, Maryland. 
He was a Promoter, Booker, Producer..
He ran Discount Records in
Ann Arbor 
and a young Jimmy Osterberg was his stock boy.. Every time Jimmy was dallying with girls,

Jeep would yell "Get to work Jimmy you--Iggy" and the name stuck..
Guy Lopez -- The Zero's-- Activist-- All Round Sweetheart!
Linda Stein -- Ex wife of Seymour Stein and along with Danny Fields was The Ramones first Manager
Paul Davis -- Guitarist for Bonnie Hayes and The Wild Combo, The Yanks
Spike aka Doreen Fisher -- Long time mainstay in the SF Hardcore Punk scene
David "Slim" McCarroll -- Musician from Canada
Kevin Dubrow -- Quiet Riot
Bill Cowsill -- The Cowsills
Dan Fogelberg -- Musician
Kenny -- Musician who played with Naomi Ruth Eisenberg and Rockette Morton
Detrick -- Singer for The Nuns
Brad Renfro --Actor 25 years old..Starred in The Client, Bully, Apt Pupil plus lots more
Maila Nurmi -- Better known as Vampira.. Friend of Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Ed Wood.
Brian Childers --  Crawlpappy, Bomb
Heath Ledger -- Actor ("Brokeback Mountain," Batman
Sean Purcell -- Cuddly Toys, Raped
Carl Bakenstein
Jeff Salen -- Wayne County & The Backstreet Boys, Tuff Darts
Jerry Ameba-- Lead singer of the outrageously fun band Legionaries Disease
Brian Sawyer -- Lead singer of Aggressive Force
Adam Block -- San Francisco Journalist (Bay Times)
Buddy Miles -- Musician
Michael Conley -- Lead Singer for M.I.A.
Black Randy -- Musician
Top Jimmy -- Of Top Jimmy and The Rhythm Rigs
Olga Devolga -- Bass Player for VS, The Lewd, The Offs -- March 26th-- R.I. P. Olga
Charles Wayne "Chuck" Day -- Guitarist and Baritone Bluesman; member,
The Johhny Rivers Band
and The Mamas and The Papas; club owner
Steve Casmano -- Bass Player for Portland, Oregon's Sado Nation
Danny Federicci --
Keyboard Player for Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band 
Bo Diddley  -- R&B, Rock n Roll Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist
Mark "Junior" Hampton -- Lead Singer of the band Junkyard Sluts
Up Chuck --
Seattle Musician/Artist
Traci Michaelz  --
Drummer and Vocalist for The Peppermint Creeps

George Carlin -- Trail Blazing Comic, Spoken Word Artist, Activist
Young Blood aka Damon X -- Guitarist for The Magic Tramps
Morey Goldstein -- Keyboardist, Saxophone Player  for The Readymades and Zasu Pitts Memorial Band

Nick Rosted --  SF Scene Maker lived with Meri St. Mary on Haight Street . .
All round cool guy left behind a wife and a grown daughter..
Bruce Conner -- Photographer, Author, Filmmaker 
Estelle Getty -- Actress/Comedienne
Bernie Mac --  Stand--Up Comic, Actor
Issac Hayes -- Best known for recording "Shaft." Wrote hits
for Stax Records like "Soul Man," and "Hold On I'm Coming."

Malcolm Wood -- Photographer from the East Bay
Willy Graves  --  who recorded on the Four on the Floor tracks
Paul Newman
--Actor, humanitarian

Brian Jantz -- Bass,  Ex-Oblivione
Lonnie Chadick --  Bass, Corruptors 

Eileen Herlie -- Star of Stage and Screen. Portrayed Myrtle Lum Fargate on "All My Children."
Levi Stubbs --  Singer for The Four Tops
Gidget Gein -- Former bass player for Marilyn Manson
Yma Sumac -- Singer, Performer, Recording Artist
Virginia -- The Fuckettes
Mitch Mitchell -- Drummer for the Jimi Hendrix Experience

Dennis Yost-  Lead Singer for The Classics IV. 
The band  did such songs as "Stormy", "Spooky," and "Traces Of Love
Elmer Valentine
Owner of the Whiskey-a-Go-Go
Dennis Yost -- Lead Singer for The Classics IV. 
The band did such songs as "Stormy," "Spooky," and "Traces Of Love."
Bettie Page -- Bangs-wearing pinup and bondage model. Devout Christian. 
In 2006, Gretchen Mol played her in the Mary Harron-directed "The Notorious Bettie Page."
Eartha Kitt -- Singer, Dancer, Actress - she was Cat Woman on "Batman" and made headlines 
when she voiced her dismay about the Vietnam War when she visited The White House in the 60's...
Bob Noxious - Lead singer of The Fuck Ups
Ron Asheton - Guitarist for Iggy Pop and The Stooges
Frankie Venom -- Singer for Teenage Head from Canada
Gary Kurfirst -- Promoter, Manager. He managed the Village Theatre, what would become FIllmore East; and went on to manage
the Ramones, Blondie, Mick Jones, Peter Tosh, Mountain, the B-52s, Toots and the Maytals, the Eurythmics,
Talking Heads, Big Audio Dynamite, Live, Shirley Manson, etc.
Manny Castillo --  Drummer for Snowbyrd
Lux Interior -- Icon - Legend - Lead Singer of The Cramps . . . Passed away from complications of the heart...
Spider -- Was the first to book The Sex Pistols in Canada, and had Punkfest Quarterly from the late 80's until 2000.
PUNK ROCK PATTY PIERCE --  Former White Trash Debutantes Vocalist   
Randy Bewley,-- Guitarist for Pylon 
Johnithin Christ --  Lead  singer, Code of Honor
Natasha Richardson --
Actress; daughter of Vanessa Redgrave
Marilyn Chambers -- Former Ivory Soap Spokeswoman Model turned Adult Star
Travis Criscola -- The Cute Lepers
Sable Starr --  Best known for her relationship with Johnny Thunders and hanging at Rodney's English Disco on Sunset Strip.
Bea Arthur -- Best known for being Maude and Dorothy on The Golden Girls..A Tony and Emmy Winner
Jay Bennett -- Wilco, Titanic Love Affair
David Carradine -- Son of Actor John Carradine, Best known for his roles in "Kung Fu" and "Kill Bill"
Danny LaRue -- Beloved  English  Drag Entertainer

Tom Pig AKA Pig Champion --  Legendary Guitarist  for Poison Idea
Mia Zapata -- Lead Singer of The Gits. Murdered in the 90's and  the killer was recently found and sentenced
Kenny Rankin -- Folk Singer

Farrah Fawcett -Legendary Actress from "Charlie's Angels" and "The Burning Bed"
Sky Saxon -- Founding member of the 60's band The Seeds
Michael Jackson --
Pop musician, songwriter, dancer and entertainer

Willy DeVille - Lead Singer of Mink Deville
Jack Lewis - Artist
Paul Dominguez - Mystic Knights Of The Cobras
Les Paul - Guitar God
DJ AM - Celebrity DJ AKA Adam Goldstein
Jim Carroll-Poet, Author, Musician, Actor
Patrick Swayze- Actor, Dancer
Mary Travers- Peter, Paul and Mary
Henry Gibson- Comedian, Actor

Brendan Mullen- Writer and Booker of the now legendary Masque Club in Hollywood.
Dickie Peterson- Bass Player for the 70's band Blue Cheer

Roseann Kuberski- Wrote "Ask Sonny Bono" for Punk Globe,
Was a Bartender at O' Banions Chicago's first Punk Globe,
The Mabuhay Gardens and Club Foot in Chicago. AKA "Big Red".

Norton Buffalo- Well respected harmonica player that has played with Commander Cody, Kenny Loggins, Bonnie Riatt, The Doobie Brothers and more
Brittany Murphy - Actress who appeared in Clueless, 8 Mile and the fabulous Freeway
Alaina Reed Hall - Actress who played Olivia on Sesame Street and Rose Hollaway on 227
James Gurley- Guitarist for Big Brother and The Holding Company
Vic Chestnut- Paraplegic Singer / Songwriter discovered by Michael stripe of REM
Franco Mares- Former Bassist For MDC (Millions Of Dead Cops) and Peace Activist
Evie Bibo- A well respected and much loved Woman who managed The Soap Plant in Hollywood for years..
She left a positive impression where ever she lived be it San Diego, San Francisco or Hollywood.

Joey Alexander- Played with Petula Clark, Lenny Bach, Lou Rone and The Shangri- La's
Geoff Lloyd- Former Bassist for Matthew Good band and husband of Vancouver's The East Vamps Lisafurr
Doug Fieger- Lead Singer of The Knack
Corey Haim - Actor best known for being in the Lost Boys and Lucas
Alex Chilton- Musician- Lead Vocalist for The Box Tops and Big Star
Ed Gates- Worked various jobs in the film industry and as a Roadie for White Trash Debutantes
Jim Marshall- Legendary SF Photographer
Robert Culp- Actor best known for his role on I Spy
Todd Rosencrans- Drummer for Los Microwaves
Malcolm Mclaren- Former Sex Pistols Manager
Peter Steele- Lead Singer of Type O Negative
Tarja Ridgewell- Singer  for the Vancouver BC band Electric Demons
Dorothy Height - Civil Rights Activist
Jack Herrer- Activist to legalize Marijuana
Scott Burroughs- Bass Player for the Seattle band Thankless Dogs
Devon Clifford- Drummer for the band You Say Party We Say Die from Vancouver BC
Dixie Carter- Best known for her role as Julia Sugarbaker on Designing Women
Bebe "Big Hair" Bardot- Guitarist who lived in central  Oregon and stirred shit up!! He was truly a legend.
Lena Horne- Legendary Chanteuse and pioneer for Civil Rights

Greg Girardo-  Comedian best known for being on Comedy Central Roasts
Arthur Penn- Director of Movies like Bonnie and Clyde and The Miracle Worker
Tony Curtis- Famed Actor, Father Of Jamie Lee Curtis
Barbara Billingsley-  Emmy nominated Actress best Known as June Cleaver  on the sitcom "Leave It To Beaver"
Tom Bosley- Actor best remembered as Mr. C on Happy Days and played a Sheriff on Murder She Wrote
Ari Up -  Front Woman for The Slits
Paul Raven- Bass Player For Ministry
Chris Burns- East Bay Guitarist who played with such bands as The Tenants, Domino Theory, Zeppo and The Casual Italians
Lenore Herb - Well respected Vancouver Photographer and Videographer
James MacArthur- Best remembered as Danno on Hawaii 5-0. Son of actress Helen Hayes. Was married to Actress Melody Patterson
Andy Kotowicz- VP of Marketing for Sub Pop records
Greg Issacs- Famed Reggae Star
Lyn Rude Todd- Widow of Marc Rude
Matty Luv- Guitarist for The Fuckboys and Hickey
Richard Share- Lead Singer of The Capp Street Girls
Captain Beefheart- Musician Icon
Teena Marie - R& B Musician/ Vocalist
Matty Luv- Guitarist for The Fuck Boys and Hickey
Robert Quine- Guitarist for Richard Hell and Lou Reed
Derf Scratch- Bass player for Fear
Gerry Rafferty- Solo Scottish Singer and singer for Stealers Wheel
Don Kirshner- Television Music Producer
Garry Moore- Thin Lizzy Guitarist
Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan- Drummer for Avenged Sevenfold
Andy Freels- Guitarist for The Conservatives
Elizabeth Taylor- Actress and AIDS Activist
Geraldine Ferraro- Was the first female to run for Vice President of The USA. Feminist Icon
Don Hill- Iconic NYC Club Owner
Eric Zentner- Versace Model, Actor and Beloved Friend
Poly Styrene- Lead Singer of X Rays Specs... A real trailblazer of English punk music.. Diagnosed with Cancer just two months ago!
Phoebe Snow- Well respected Vocalist who had a huge hit with Poetry Man
Hazel Dickens- Renown Blue Grass singer
Bill Hunter- Australian Actor best known and loved for his role of Bill Hesslop in the cult film Muriel's Wedding
N-Bone- Rapper shot in a drive by shooting in L.A.
Randy "Macho Man" Savage- Pro Wrestler had a Heart Attack while driving with his wife.
Scott Bury- Founding member of The Yeastie Boys
Jeff Conaway- Best known for his acting roles in Taxi and Grease... Was almost a full time resident on Celebrity Rehab
Gil Scott Heron- Poet and the Grandfather of Rap
Amy Winehouse- Internationally known Recording Artist. She was the first British Woman to win 5 Grammy Awards on the same night.
Viva La Rue- Formerly known as Lady La Rue.. A musical sensation that originated in San Francisco, CA.
Millie The Flower Lady- Millie was nothing short of a survivor... Widowed while in her 50's she paid her rent by selling candy bars, flowers and Polaroid pictures...
She was a regular at The Mabuhay Gardens She lived to be be almost 100 years old..
Nanette- Sister of Nancy Jackson and CEO of her own skin cream company..
Millie Del Rubio- Last surviving member of the infamous Del Rubio Triplets.
Chumley Porter- Bassist for DRI.
Jani Lane- Lead singer of Warrant.
Shawn Bates- Booker at DNA Lounge and KUSF Dee Jay.
Nick Ashfod- Songwriter Musician.
Scott Wannben- Beat Poet.
Jerry Leiber- Musician Songwriter.
Flattus Maxximus- Lead Guitarist for Gwar.
Mark "Moogy" Kinman- Keyboard Player for Utopia.
Dobie Gray- Soul Singer.
Brandon Lambert- Man On The Streets.
Ethan LaRosa- Musician, Tattoo Artist, Skater.
Vikki Schrott- Performance Artist, Party Girl, Vikki did shows with Cherry Vanilla, Jayne County, Actress.
Jennifer Miro- Actress, Musician played keyboards with The Nuns.
Lisa Fay Beatty- Played with The Mudwimmin and did sound at The Bottom Of The Hill.
Cory Smoot- Guitar Player for Gwar.
Phillip Guilbeau- Roommate of Gary Floyd and all round great guy!
Carl Campbell aka Carl Snarl- Artist, Writer and Printer/Graphics's work
Jan Mueller- Filmmaker
Choo- Choo- Long haired Chihuahua belonging to Kathy Peck and David Denny. He could enunciate I love you with his bark..
Johnny Otis- Famed blues player
Etta James- Rhythm and Blues Vocalist.. Rock n Roll Hall Fame.. Best known for her hit "At Last"
Michael Davis- Bassist for The MC5
Whitney Houston- Pop Singer.. Daughter of Cissy Houston and cousin of Dionne Warwick
Bob Madigan- Eccentric performer from Detroit who migrated to the Bay Area
Dick Clark- Music Icon
Linda Vestal- Co owner of The Berkeley Square. Partner of Victor Ratto
Levon Helm- Founding member of The Band
Jonathan Frid- Original Barnabas Collins from Dark Shadows
Nick Kappos- Guitarist for The Authorities and Hot Spit Dancers
Donna Summers- The Queen of Disco
Robin Gibb- Member of The Bee Gee's
Celso Chavez- Trash Can School and Possum Dixon
Ira Ostroll- Punk Rocker and Club Kid in New York City
Kathi Goldmark- Beloved Literary Agent / Musician in San Francisco
Tony Johnson Tony Offender- Member The Offenders
Hope Mileham- Scene Maker, Great Wife and Friend
Bobby Durango- Founding member of the Rock City Angels
Richard Dawson- Actor, game show panelist, Host of The Family Feud
Kevin Share- Played bass with Nation On Fire and sang with E.O.W.T.
Jeff Davis / Leppard- San Francisco musician who died in a motorcycle accident

This List will be updated .. Please Be Patient .. 
If You Want Someone added to our memorial,  email