Jewelry Maker and Very Kind Soul
By: Ginger Coyote
I recently met Melli at one of Pauley Perrette's parties and she offered to make me a pair of Earrings... I really liked her work so I asked if I could interview her... To share her work with Punk Globe readers..
Punk Globe: Thanks so very much for the time to do this interview.... Can you give us some background on yourself Melli?
Melli: I was born with three things, a sweet tooth for Hollywood, and expectation to make the world smile, and a heart of gold. Iím passionate, captivating, intoxicating and sweet. My background is a wild combination from tales of chaotic abuse, to stories about love, and triumph. Think of something, and likely itís crossed my path. ďIf there is no struggle, there is too no story, and without that balance, the soul becomes dull and fadesĒ. What makes me unique isnít simply the compassion I have for others, but rather the quantities of it. Where thereís a will, thereís a wayÖand where thereís Melliís will, thereís Melliís way. Still though, donít forget, my intentions are always genuinely out of genuine desire to make others feel good, smile, and walk away feeling better than they did upon meeting me. No, Iím not paid for sex. Iím a people person. A very observant person, who understands the ideals of others.
Punk Globe: Melli, you have a very special talent and that you design your own line of jewelry. How did you get involved with jewelry?
Melli: Iíve studied many fields of design, theater, and all things artistic. Jewelry works for everybody. Thereís no size restrictions. Itís customized for the person from the inside out. And itís limitless. I love that itís limitless. Everyday, I wear blue jeans and ballet flats. Hereís the kicker, Iíll pair them with a necklace consisting of Blue Topaz, Swarovski Crystals, and a Vintage Aerosmith concert tee. Jeans can be simple, yet you can choose to make them absolutely divine. Itís OK to mix it up, and itís really a great way to show the world who you are. Iíve done pieceís for every style and in any budget, from traditional engagement rings, to antique keys on chains, to glamorous bridesmaids gifts. For woman, for men, and even for newborns. Anything is possible. I work with all real stones, both saltwater and freshwater pearls, and try to stay far away from costume base metals. Iím about the quality of the piece. For me, Iíd rather save my pennies for one authentic Chanel bag, than go and buy fifteen knock-offís. And yes, Iíll happily carry the bag tooÖwith my five dollar flats and juniors catalogue jeans.
Punk Globe: I was so impressed by a string of pearls that I saw at Pauley Perrette's party! Did you make them?
Melli: Honestly, after an intensely absurd car accident, Iíve had a lot of trouble keeping my hands from shaking. I get better daily, but the amount of time it takes to simply knot a strand of pearls, is hours upon hours. Iím very lucky to have somebody that can do this for me. Iíll sketch out a pattern, and then have help in completing the meticulous part. If there is a piece that requires a mold being made, I sketch that out as well, but I donít sit and stir fiery cauldrons of gold and silver to pour them into my design. Like a machine, there are a number of parts required to keep it in motion. Much like Calvin Klein doesnít sew each thread of silk into a cloth, to the be cut, dyed, ,stretched a dried etc, he does all he must to title himself the designer. At some point, Iíll have the ability and the justification, to hire a handful of people that I can call up and say, this size this shape, this stone, with this one, in this exact pattern, in this exact length etc. Iím only just starting, so we do what we must, and what we can, and I work my ass off daily in making, designing, calling, researching and just thinking about ways to get into the world.
Punk Globe: What inspires you to make all the lovely pieces that are on your website and do you have a favorite stones to work with?
Melli: The pieceís on my site, are mainly Pearls accompanied with another Stone, or Swarovski Crystals. Pearls have been my little loves since I was a child. My inspiration in general comes from the music Iím listening too at any given moment, and the elements I find in nature. The color of the sky at dusk resembles Tanzanite, mixed with a touch of light pink on the horizon, and then Iíve got the lightest pink Aquamarine on my mind. A black tie event in Hollywood, might bring the inclination to design something Victorian with Gold and Rubies. If Iím in the car driving through the city, and Fleetwood Mac comes on, Stevie Nicks reminds me of magic and Iíll come home and go straight to rainbow moonstone and Spinel. I literally bounce from one century to the next, from one style to another, and itís a blast.
Punk Globe: Now I know you do earrings and necklaces anything else?
Melli: Recently I was honored with meeting Greg Watermann, whose photographed everybody from Toby Keith to SlashÖWHOA I know! I made for him a Leather cuff bracelet, that combined Sterling Silver Chain, an antique Key, Black Onyx and Hematite. Iíve done engagement rings in Gold and Diamonds, and a handful of custom requested items, some of which are a single strand of Sterling Silver. Iím currently working on a few designs for Pauley Perrette to wear as her character ďAbbyĒ on CBSís "NCIS". Keep your fingers crossed one (or all of them) work out!!! They will consist of Oxidized Sterling , and a few other materials that Iím holding my breath on before I shout it all from the rooftops. You know, or twitter. J
Punk Globe: Are you a gold or a silver girl?
Melli: SILVER.
Punk Globe: What is the longest necklace you have made?
Melli: The longest necklace so far (I think) is 118 inchesÖThatís almost twice my height!
Punk Globe: I love wearing long dangly earrings. Do you get much demand for them?
Melli: Iíve gotten a handful. I did the bridesmaids gifts for a wedding, and for that she requested earrings and bracelets. And thereís been a few desires for them, the coolest so far though are for you, Sterling drop shapes, with Opals and EmeraldsÖThose are funky, in style, yet exceptional in material, and hey címon? Emeralds and Opals? How very Posh! I love them and have to admit, Iím a little tempted to make another pair!
Punk Globe: Do you work with any of the television or movie studio's?
Melli: Right now, my work is all done as custom requests, and Iím getting around, and into some magazines soon, as friends are so generously wearing my things to expose my collection. I VERY MUCH hope to be working for a studio sooner rather than later. Anybody need me?? Iíll start yesterday!!!
Punk Globe: I understand that you also made a beautiful necklace for Pauley Perrette to wear on NCIS.. Tell us how that came about?
Melli: THAT was a very lucky crossing of paths, that happened during a very demanding time. I met a friend while our boys were neighbors at Cedars and then at Childrenís Hospital in Los Angeles. My younger son was three months early, and hers was suffering from some severe complications too. After she moved to South Carolina, we remained in touch, but it was 99% about our kids and their progressÖand how much ass theyíve both kicked! One day, weíre talking on the phone, and I mentioned how cool it was that I had seen Pauley in person. Iím going on and onÖand sheís silently laughing at me and finally says, ďYou do know sheís one of my dearest friendsĒ. My mouth dropped. She then went on to introduce to Angela, somebody I honestly donít know where Iíd be without. After a short while, they said send something and one of them would get it to Pauley. So one day, I go to pick up Angela, and she says a friend wants to meet me. She walked me down the steps, and thereís Pauley. She was so very friendly, and I donít know that I spoke one word of English that night. She mentioned the piece being worn on the showÖbut then I was in a fog. When the first part of the two part finale popped up one Tuesday night, and Abby Sciuto bounced on screenÖSO DID MY PIECE!!!! I was beyond thrilledÖand so grateful! After paying insane amounts of money to possibly have somebody maybe see my things, it turned out a couple VERY awesome friends did something nice for me. For free. And never asked anything in return. At Halloween I was lucky enough to get to the right place at the right time, and meet you, and another darling girl, who is going to wear a couple pieceís one for a pilot and one for a photo shoot. She is also moving up up up and I really hope and pray that all these fabulous people Iíve been meeting will remain friends. There are a lot of fallen angels in this city, but thereís still a lot of love. Iíve seen that even through the day to day struggles of life.
Punk Globe: Can you give the reader your web address so they can find out more about your jewelry?
Melli: is my site, and I can be e-mailed at for ANY requests, or advice, etc. My blog is probably the most fun for me of late, that address is
Punk Globe: What does the future hold for you Melli?
Melli: Honestly? SO SO SO MUCH!!! I donít quit, I keep going, and the more I give to the world, I stay confident the more will come my way. Iíd like to do everythingÖand Iíll be patient Öfor a little while. ;)
Melli: Aerosmith is number one. Fleetwood Mac, The Stones, AC/DC. Raw rock. Does that make sense? I do like some Country also. I like a little of everything. I loved seeing Tom Petty in concert because he gets on stage, and rocks out. No need for brain splitting special effects, no need for fifty other things going on to keep your eyes and ears occupiedÖjust purely does his thing. When I saw Cyndi Lauper in concert, she was just so FUNÖ Iím a big fan of REAL. I like people that sing their style, play their way and are passionate about it. That translates straight into the energy of the audience. There are so many bands and people I like, I couldnít list them all. Ruby Friedman is amazing in the here and now. Thereís also Daniel G Harmann & The Trouble Starts, who is awesome. And yes, of course Iíve got Pauley on my iPod as well.
Punk Globe: Any words of advice to anyone that is interested in getting involved with jewelry making?
Melli: Have patience, and donít chase your dreams, but rather follow the path they lead you onÖand go for it!
Punk Globe would like to thank Melli for the great interview and wish her much luck