The McRackins
by Ginger Coyote

I am so happy that I have Punk Globe on line. It gives me a chance to write about and interviews bands that I really like and admire.. The Following Interview was done with BIL Guitarist and Singer for THE McRACKINS. They are the nicest guys you will ever and they FUCKING RAWK!!!! Enjoy........

                                                 Spot and Fil

1. Can you give the Readers some background on the McRackins?

BIL: 3-piece power pop/punk band formed in 1993 in Vancouver, Canada formerly consisting of 2 eggs and dog (formerly a chicken). Now consisting of 3 mere mortal cretin siblings known as Bil, Fil and Spot Mcrackin.Our sound has been compared to bands such as the RAMONES, GREEN DAY, SCREECHING WEASEL, DICKIES, REPLACEMENTS and LOVERBOY to name a few. Have had over 200 songs released in various formats by over 40 different record labels all over the globe totaling over 100,000 in sales. Have made cameo appearances in a Molsen Canadian beer commercial and a feature film called “Downhill Willy”. A near fatal van crash almost put an end to the band while on their first U.S tour with the White Trash Debutantes in 1995.

2. What prompted you to reform or were you just on hiatus?

BIL: The band never really broke up so I guess you could say we were on a hiatus. We all were doing other music related projects. Late last year over many rum and cokes, me and Spot decided that it would be fun to record another album and do some shows etc.

3. Is it all the original members?

BIL: Ya, It’s Bil, Fil and Spot comin at you on E G G radio on your FM dial.

4. Are you still dressing as Eggs and a Spot?

BIL: The chemicals don’t seem to be working that well anymore and transformation seems to be next to impossible. We are in our “Lick It Up” or “Unmasked” phase from this point forward until further notice. Please no photos!

5. What have you all been doing in your time off?

BIL: Fil and Spot were busy with their other band “The RETREADS” releasing a couple of albums and playing shows. I produced/recorded albums and played guitar for a few other band projects including: DELTOROS, DOORMATS, LOS TESTICLES and HUB CITY LOSERS CLUB.I was also living in Helsinki, Finland for a while where I had a publishing deal with Warner/Chappel writing English lyrics for some of their Finnish artists. And once I dug a hole in the ground and hid in it for a month or so. I called it my spider hole. It was really fun!

6. You are recording a split 7" for what label?

BIL: It’s a new label based out of Vancouver called “Throttle Style” records. It’s run by the guys in Paper Lanterns who we are doing the split with. We recorded 2 new toons for it (Breakup and Crack Mommy) and it will be released later this year. And if I may add, The PAPER LANTERS are really cool as well.

7. What other recordings or releases do you have planned?

BIL: We are 95% finished recording our next epic slab of Bubblepunk.We started last October and are near completion. It’s gonna be called “BAT OUT OF SHELL” cause we like bats and shellfish. We hope to have it done by the fall and start shopping it to labels. It’s definitely our finest work to date if I don’t say so myself and we can’t wait to get it out there.

8. In your hey day you were recording something for every label there was.

BIL: I didn’t know we had a heyday? Did we? Ya, I think we had toons released on one format or another on approx. 40 different labels all over the world.

9. Are you still influenced by The Ramones?

BIL: Do bears shit in the woods? Always have been always will!

10. Tell us about any upcoming shows and tours?

BIL: We are playing our first show in about 5 years on June 10 at the Pic Pub in Vancouver and have been rehearsing our collective asses off and sounding tighter than Fil’s sphinter. We’ve got fans flying and driving in to see the show from places such as New Jersey and Indiana which is pretty crazy. We are really eggcited about it. We are also playing with TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET on July30 in Vancouver at Video-In studios. We’d also like to try to get over to Europe again next year after the new album comes out.

11. Memories were the McRackins/White Trash Debutantes tour that we did in the 90's booked by Tammy Taylor.

BIL: Ah the memories! How can we forget your purple velour pajamas Ginger?  As the Beach Boys once harmonized, it was Fun,Fun,Fun!

12. We started in Seattle where we picked up Jerrianne and you made it up to Denver and then the infamous accident happened. Our singer Heather Hellfire was driving the Van and luckily only missed one show in Kansas with us. It was rough but fun..

BIL: We were totally lucky that no one was hurt. It was great while it lasted.

13. Did you write a song about the accident?

BIL: Ya, Colorado Van Crash on our Short & Sweet album.

14. I know Jimmy wrote a song about the tour.

BIL: I didn’t know that. Whats it called? I’d like to hear it.

15. Our Drummer was out of it in Denver and Spot played for WTD and really rawked our set.. Do you remember our dinner? The Campbell's soup given by the promoter?


Fil and Bil back creating havoc and a fucking fun time with The McRACKINS

16. Salt Lake City was an interesting couple of shows as well.

BIL: We all have a soft spot in our heart for Mormons don’t we?

17. Any other shows or tours that bring back fond moments?

BIL: Our First European tour and playing 19 shows in 21 days in 8 countries. We had a blast!

18. Tell us about your tours abroad?

BIL: See last answer. We also recorded a live album in Madrid, Spain.I was so drunk that I don’t even remember playing the show, but the recording turned out sounding pretty good in spite of that fact.

19. There was a thing that happened before you entered England that could have been rough shit for you when you arrived in England.

BIL: Are you referring to the fine French Customs Officers who made us empty the whole van and almost gave young Fil a full body cavity search or the pound of coke we had stashed in our carry-on bags on our British Airways flight?

(Editors note: I was thinking about the kid who got pissed because you would not give him a T-shirt and he stuck a block of Hash in your gig bag) Or young Spot becoming a member of the mile high club with one of the lovely stewardesses in the lavatory? We laughed and laughed!!

20. What does the future hold for the band?

It’s gonna be so bright that we’ll have to wear shades! How’s that for a cliché for ya?

21. Any last words for Punk Globe readers?

BIL: We love Ginger and the White Trash Debutantes and we love Lamp!

Thanks to Ginger for our first interview in a while. We really appreciate it.

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