By: De Fen
MC 360 is a young artist out of Los Angeles, CA. whose self released, Bulletz From The Sanctuary deals heavily with the Chakras and utilizes 360's unique vocal style. Bulletz also deals with community building via the development of higher, expanded consciousness. And yes, the beats are solid and it's danceable. I rather appreciated 360's work as much as I appreciated how authentic he is. I mean, it's rather remarkable to meet people -artists or not- who are completely lacking any kind of pretense. I got to see 360 perform at the Salvadorian Day event in L.A. and had a chance to catch up with him afterwards where he took the time to answer a few questions. Enjoy.
Punk Globe- Thanks so much for taking the time to do this interview. Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?
MC36O- I'm 360. I'm 20 years old right now and I'm making hip-hop for the people. For people who are struggling and people who want real music that discusses real life topics. That's me.
Punk Globe- Can you talk a little bit about the event you just did?
MC36O- I'll rock any place. I don't care if there's only one person there. This was a Salvadorian Day event. My songs are all English, but the next project I give in a lil Spanish. It's a great even for all Central Americans, Latinos in general...anybody.
Punk Globe- When did you first start getting into music?
MC36O- I've always been into music. My mom was always singing and my dad was into heavy metal and rock. Whatever I heard I would sing. Later on I started listening to the words, relating and hip hop came about. Around 11th grade I got the vibe that I wanted to write my own music.
Punk Globe- Do you have any favorite artists?
MC36O- Number one is Tupac. I know he's been dead for awhile, but he's one of the only rappers who really puts it down. Wu-tang, the whole group. I love the way Janis Joplin sings and ads feelings to her words. I also like Mos Def, Eminem and pretty much all oldies in general.
Punk Globe- You have a relatively new release out. Can you talk about that?
MC36O- Bulletz From The Sanctuary is my first project. The beats and production is by Alwayz Prolific. I really wanted to get something out there. It's 15 tracks dealing with the chakras, the spiritual energy levels. So, survival, love, sex, ego, enlightenment, the third eye. Also, everyday topics from the city I'm from and people who have passed away. It's a good project, you should cop that.
Punk Globe- Do you have any particular criticisms on mainstream music?
MC36O- For example, radio stations like Power 106 are not really playing music that talks about anything important; just catchy beats and partying. Me personally, I really don't like to listen to that kind of music because it makes hip hop look like it's dying out. A lot of the youth are following the mainstream movement. There's also people waiting for real music to come out. People want an MC who can talk about real life topics, but at the same time give you a groovy beat you can shake your ass to.
Punk Globe- What do you think are the most important topics to discuss?
MC36O- Issues like poverty, world politics, self empowerment and a party song so you can drink to it and have fun with your people so as not to be too hardcore.
Punk Globe- Do you have any parting words for the Punk Globe readers?
MC36O- This is for everyone out there that's out hustlin, out workin, doing what they have to do to survive. This music is for you. For people who love to listen to music and do music this is for you. Mights be hitting up the Leimert Park art walk a lil more often. Any other gigs I will post on Facebook. Thanks De for the interview PEACE 360!
Punk Globe would like to thank MC360 for the interview. MC360 (Gene Mejia) can be contacted via facebook: Anyone interested in purchasing a copy of Bulletz From The Sanctuary is directed to contact 360 directly.