Interview By: Rotten
Punk Globe: Hi Mark, Thanks for doing the interview. Can you tell us how the Musical Journey started for you and what influences made you want to become a musician?
M.E.: Hi. well it all started really by seeing Marc Bolan and T.Rex on top of the pops and I wanted to be like him, Then my parents got me a ticket to see The Sweet and being in the same room watching them play live was just beyond words, I knew then I wanted the lifestyle that these guys had. as I hit my teens the Punk revolution happened and the attitude and power behind all of that was just completely me. I soon got in my own bands and was givin' it the large on stage. my influences have become a real mixture over the years but here is where I think it all lies with me. Marc Bolan, The Damned, Thin Lizzy, LA GUNS,
Punk Globe: What releases have you put out yourself so far, and do you find being Independent a struggle?
M.E.: Well I gave up the music for about 16 years to do the family thing, but I could never get the music out of the blood. so i returned to it all in 2008. From there I have released 8 albums to date on my own label "Skin Deep Records" I Must admit that the 1st 2 albums should never have been released, I was still learning and the quality was not up to scratch but its all a learning kerb for me so really they do have the right to be out there as it all shows how I have matured into who I am now and how I have developed my sound etc. as any musician will tell you, its always a struggle out here, but being independent has its good things and bad. The Good part is you an release your music out there with ease without having to beg record labels to put your music out. The bad thing is, If you don't have the money or the right promotional drive, that music can soon be lost in the system, the attitude is still very much in the Major labels favor when it comes to radio etc. So its all hard work getting people to listen and buy into you, Its very discouraging at times but I keep on banging on all the doors, one day the right door will open and at the right time which I feel is soon !
Punk Globe: If you could play on stage with any musician, Who would it be and Why?
M.E.: I really would have loved to have met Marc Bolan and Phil Lynott and played on stage or jammed with either of them. They were both great songwriters and I think they would have appreciated by passion for music. If I had the chance today to play onstage with anyone I think it would be someone like Ricky Warwick "The Almighty" as again this guy is a great artist and in my eyes highly underrated for his drive and motivation.
Punk Globe: Recently there was some issue with a song you did to high light MS suffering, we noticed the controversy on your Facebook page, Can you tell us what happened?
M.E.: It's quite simple really, I believe in giving something out before recieving something back, In this case, I was touched by some of the people I had met that suffer with CFS/ME and wanted to help them have a voice so to speak, I wrote a song describing what they go through using words that came from actual sufferers and it was due to go out and help raise funds to help find a cure, I couldnt believe my ears when one of the foundations that was to recieve a gift from me wanted a bigger cut of the proceeds. One thing I cannot stand is greed in anyone or anything, I did this for nothing to help people that needed help and the greed of people running societies to help these sufferers was just outrageous. In the end I gave the song out as a free download and it has so far had over 7,000 downloads That I know of so these ugly greedy foundations lost out on at least 7000 that could have helped others. I was proud to represent these people suffering and get their views out in the open but also ashammed of the people that are running BIG organisations that support finding a cure for having the raw cheek to say they wanted more.. a gift is a gift wether it be 1 or 1000.000 "my fur still stands up on end thinking about that"
Punk Globe: Where do you get inspiration from to write your lyrics, Is it experiances, or do you work from a theme you may have?
M.E.: It's a bit of both, sometimes a line will enter my head that sparks a song off or something that I witness will be the structure of a song I admire people that can write songs from nothing and make them so personal, sometimes I can struggle to get the words right. I tend to write better when something has angered me, its my way of letting off steam without the violence " I guess my punk influence there" that's but if I write a love song or a song where I have lost a love, then I can relate to those things pretty well and I often find people agreeing with my words saying that they totally relate to that, so I guess i get the best of both worlds there. I also never trash a song if i do not feel happy with it, what i like may not be what someone else loves so I keep all songs and it also helps gain a larger and more varied audience.
Punk Globe: What do you hope WIRED AND INSPIRED acheives in the grand scheme of things?
M.E.: Wired and Inspired is a prime example of my variation of styles and ways. first of all I hope that its the album that gets people understanding me and wanting to have a look at the other albums that I have created. secondly I hope that it will attract attention of the people I need to help me go through some major doors so that I can get the correct promotion that I need, I am a no nonsense musician no ego etc, Im just here to create music and share it with the world, I dont give a monkeys arse about how I look or how I should behave or be presented, I am just Mark Emmins, Im one of the lads and Im just like any normal person, the only difference with me is I have chosen a career that is hard to get into and even harder to stay into.
Punk Globe: Where can people get your music from and find out more about You?
M.E.:I have a personal website and i can also be found on Wired & Inspired is on sale exclusively from there. I also have albums on release from Itunes if anyone emails me, I make a real point of answering questions and getting to know everyone. as i said before Im just Mark Emmins Im not a rock God or anything so get in touch and find out for yourselves
Punk Globe: Finally, Whats next for Mark Emmins?
M.E.: Well its going to be fun the next few months, I am taking things up a notch or 2. 1st of all I am about to release a BEST OF album this is to really landmark my journey so far, 8 albums in 2 years is a lot of work and I do all the instruments and voices etc myself. After the release of that album will be a slight change to the program. I am turning what I do into a band "EMMINS" this basically means that I will be carrying on with what i do now in the studio under a brand / package which allows other people to come in and join the band to add to the EMMINS sound. The other reason for this is because I think just one name will help the public to remember me for instance, People knew of BON JOVI before they knew of Jon Bon Jovi so Im just simplifying me, the other part of it is because if I was to go out on tour with a band it would be Mark Emmins and any musician that worked live with me would not have an identity Im not into that idea at all so Emmins being a band rather than a person gives others recognition at the same level as myself. But I can also still work doing shows as mark Emmins. I am also about to be tattooed Neck to Foot for Charity to raise money for terminally ill children with Cancer so Im really looking forward to hopefully raising a lot of money for that cause. Then End of AUGUST begining of SEPTEMBER I will Release the 1st album from EMMINS Im halfway through recording it now and can't wait to let you guys hear it. so its all good things happening. I am also seriously seeking management/promotors its time to tour I feel so please get in touch if you have the drive to take EMMINS World wide. So Im looking forward to getting out there and doing full on promoting, I love the Live atmosphere and meeting people. keep your eyes and ears out for EMMINS .
Once again, Thanks to Mark for the interview, and i hope to hear more from him soon. Check the album out.