Show Review 1-26-2008                     

By:Tyler Vile

  @ Charm City Art Space


It was local punker Mariya's birthday celebration and comradery was in the air. Friends were greeted with hugs, high fives and other displays of affection. The first band of the night was DR. NICK. it was the singing debut of Wild and Crazy Kid Jordan and it was fun! Jordan knocked into me a couple of times and as the mosh pit intensified I was relegated to the far corner of the room.. As it was their first show, the band played a very short set, this is a band I'd like to hear more from in the future.

The next band to play was THE SKANARCHISTS who I�ve seen countless times and every time I see them they get better and better. Their performance at this show was the best. I'd never seen them play with such enthusiasm, they were all brimming with energy and they did a DEFIANCE, OHIO cover for an encore which had the crowd singing along.

Up next was the superb SUBMARINE SCREENDOOR a.k.a SUB SCREEN from Harrisburg, PA the band played fast thrashy songs and even put their own spin on two BLINK 182 songs. They gave their set a grand finale with their hit song 'Apeshit' and there�s nothing like a chorus of punks chanting 'I'm gonna go apeshit on you' This is a band that you have to see live to know what I'm talking about, they are just magnetic in a way that I can't really convey. The next band to play was WILD AND CRAZY KIDS, an energetic punk band who's primary occupation is enjoying their youth and having fun. What's truly unique about this band is their positive attitude. While most bands with a similar sound to them have negative or apathetic lyrics these guys come in with a refreshing happy angle. In this way I guess they're comparable to BAD BRAINS. The pit became bizarre during their set, people started to bring in and crowdsurf cardboard cut-outs and blow on kazoos. They treated us to a JAWBREAKER cover a la the vocal stylings of Jordan which fell apart and eventually became a capella.

The closing band of the night was MINDSET a Straight Edge/ Youth Crew band with an open mind and an awesome sound. The pit was at its thrashing height during this band, even when I was against the wall I got hit several times. Joe from Sub Screen came slamming into my shoulder and some other stuff happened. To my delight the band covered OPERATION IVY which I of course had to sing along to.

To sum up it was the most fun I've had in a long time