That's My Middle Name: Don't Wear It Out... By Margaret Cho

The bitch is back and I am not talking about Elton John. I just saw Karl "The Bitch" Rove on FOX warning conservatives not to harp on Barack Obama's middle name because it perpetuates the widespread (and accurate) assumption that conservatives are bigoted. I think that Bill Cunningham's racist and inflammatory comments over Obama's middle name are the worst thing yet to happen to John McCain's campaign, because McCain not only had to denounce Cunningham, he also had to apologize on his behalf! Then Cunningham got all crazy furious about it and called John McCain "John Juan Pablo McCain" and then said he was backing Hillary Rodham Clinton!

I'm thrilled to watch everyone screaming about middle names and Cunningham trying to dodge being called a racist. This whole middle name issue is very simple underneath all the spin and the doublespeak. People like Cunningham are trying to speak to and for those misguided and unfortunate few in our country who believe that America is supposed to be for white people, and that immigrants should always watch their back because no matter how big our dreams are, no matter what we are able to accomplish, no matter how high we fly, we will never be 'true' Americans. He's trying to say that since white people 'founded' this country, the only people who are allowed to run it should be white people. He is clearly a white supremacist, but he's too chickenshit to actually come out and say, "Go back to where you came from!" so instead, he keeps pointing out the non-white ethnic names to make his point that we don't belong. He's a Klansman in 'too sheepish to actually admit it' clothing! And it's great because it makes everyone assume all Republicans are like that!! ha ha ha!!! Bill Cunningham is so wrong, and what is truly awesome is he is taking down the whole Republican party with him.

Hannity Cunningham