February 2017


An Evening With Marcos Luis
Interview By: Sadie Duarte

Actor/singer/model, award-winning producer & host Marcos Luis is an artist with a very good reputation in the entertainment industry. He trained in dance, film television and music and being a philanthropist, this amazing man is responsible for creating and executing many successful fundraisers for several non-profit organizations. Marcos Luis is not only the artistic director and founder of the incredibly successful 3SB Theatre Co LLC Theatre and Film in New York, but he's also the host and creator of OneMicNite™, a show that supports talent in music, comedy and poetry. There's no doubt that Marcos Luis is a very generous man whose goal is to inspire and help other artists. That's why we feel we should know more about him.

PUNK GLOBE: You trained in music, dance, film and television. Do you remember your first work as an artist?

MARCOS LUIS: I've been in entertainment since I was a child. I think I danced out of the womb and "acted" like I was happy to be thrust into this world! Seriously though at 5 I was in talent shows winning for dancing and singing in a group with my older sister and cousins.

PUNK GLOBE: You are the artistic director and founder of 3SB Theatre Co LLC Theatre and Film, based in New York. How did you come up with the idea to start such an interesting project?

MARCOS LUIS: Sometimes opportunity is not handed to you the way you want, so the need then becomes my driving force to create a way to present my work and help support others like me, so 3SB Theatre and Film was created.

PUNK GLOBE: Apart from being a great artist, you’re also the host and creator of OneMicNite. Please, tell us more about this outstanding live artist show case.

MARCOS LUIS: Well first of all, thank you for the compliment. I come from a music family, growing up on all different kinds. OneMicNite was started to give artists a forum to express themselves in music and poetry , in a welcoming artistic environment. It was also designed to help give back to the community taking professionals and raising money for other organizations in need through the Arts and working with children.

PUNK GLOBE: In June 2016, you received the Blue Heart Award for Community Service, Education and Inspiration of Mankind.

MARCOS LUIS: Yes, I did an I am so humbled to receive such an international award for my service of working with children through the Arts in the community.

PUNK GLOBE: As both a producer and actor, let us know about your latest films Romance In NYC, Muted, I’ll Be Home Soon and What You Want?

MARCOS LUIS: Yes, my films are very diverse in subject matter, filmed globally , and I am fortunate to work worth some of the most talented people in the world on these projects. Currently one being reviewed by The Motion Picture Academy (Oscars) for a nomination (Dreaming of Peggy Lee). Three new projects on the way, that I am excited about "The Darkness of the Moor" (UK ), "Los Viejos" (Cuba), and a new webseries "444" (NYC).

PUNK GLOBE: Your movie Dreaming of Peggy Lee is currently getting lots of success. What’s the story about?

MARCOS LUIS: Dreaming of Peggy Lee is a story of a young girl who has dreams. She dreams of being "normal" in life even though she is challenged by being hearing impaired and decides to prove to herself while proving to others that she has a chance. It's a beautiful and touching story, beautifully written by James Everett and acted by the entire cast.

PUNK GLOBE: If all your work wasn’t enough, you still have time to be a model! How long have you been part of the fashion world?

MARCOS LUIS: Ha! Modeling is something I started pursuing around 18. It sort of fell into place and It has been a fun and interesting journey as well.

PUNK GLOBE: If you had the chance to make one dream come true, which one would that be?

MARCOS LUIS: My dreams seem to come true everyday. I wake with a sense of gratitude and service, giving back with everything that I do. I have so many dreams that something's it's not until I'm in the middle of one that I realize it is happening and take that moment to be thankful.

PUNK GLOBE: How can our readers contact you?

MARCOS LUIS: I can be reached through www.MarcosLuis.com and @MarcosLuis on Twitter.

Official: www.iMDb.me/MarcosLuis
Direct Bookings: MarcosStarActor@Gmail.com
Dreaming of Peggy Lee - Official page:

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