"http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> MALCOLM McLAREN
by Ian Macleay
Review By: Rotten
It hasn't taken long for the books to appear, With Malcy still warm in the ground comes this supposedly comprehensive account of the life of the pop Svengali (or complete chancer), but I found more than a few errors here.
The book kicks off with the story of Malcolm Edwards (as he was then), and the strange relationship with his grandmother Rose Corre Issacs - rightfully credited with installing the Anarchistic tendencies in the young Malcolm.
Moving on to his Art School days, and his relationship with Vivienne Westwood, the crux of the book then settles for a re-telling of the Sex Pistols story in a detailed but basic way.. There is then a very short chapter on Bow Wow Wow, and then it deals with Malcolm's Funeral.
OK, anyone spotted the problem? That's right.......Anyone reading this book will gain the knowledge of the Pistols, and after the Bow Wow Wow bit, Malcolm disappears and gets buried!!! Not a mention of the solo albums, a tiny mention of the rap collaboration but that's all. This was the bit I wanted to read about, knowing all the other history, I was let down here.
Avoid this book and wait until a better one comes out.