March 2017


Lynx Lynx
Review By: James Carlson

It has been a while since Dortmund four-piece Lynx Lynx has given us any new material, since the band's five-song 'Trailer Park' 10" in 2014, to be more specific. Now, finally, Lynx Lynx is getting ready to drop a brand new full-length album, titled '7', on Off Label Records. And this album's eleven tracks are drenched in the same dirty, catchy sound that many have come to expect and appreciate from this band over the years: a mixture of fuzzy garage punk, psychedelic rock 'n' roll, and deviant pop.

'7' opens strong with psychedelic-tinged and energetic rock of "Get Straight." After that, most of the standout songs are in the middle of the album, like the infectious garage punk of "Everybody is in Love with You," the slower-moving keys and drum-driven "It's Fun," the unusual electronic percussion and reverb-laden chords of "Black Feather," and the raw garage fury of "Who Shot the Druggies." But the entire album is definitely worth repeat listens.

If you are not familiar with Lynx Lynx, the band's music would appeal to fans of Wheels on Fire, The Vagoos, Lost Balloons, Roy & the Devil's Motorcycle, toyGuitar, The Stooges, The Kidnappers, Suspicious Beasts, and the like.

'7' by Lynx Lynx is scheduled for a March 10, 2017 release from Off Label Records in vinyl, CD and cassette formats.


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