The Punk Rawk Rebel
Of Season 11's Of Big Brother
Tells All
By: Ginger Coyote
A few issues ago you may remember me mentioning having met the fabulous Lydia Rose at an Amazing Race party that Kent and Vyxsin were hosting in Hollywood. Lydia was an absolute delight and a true Punk Rawk Rebel. It was rad that she agreed to an interview... I hope you all enjoy...
Punk Globe: Thanks so much for the interview Lydia. Can you give the readers some background on yourself?
Lydia: I'm 26, originally grew up in Lomita,CA. Now reside in Torrance,CA (South Bay for life). I'm one of four kids and absolutly have the best parent's/ family ever.
Punk Globe: What Season of Big Brother were you on?
Lydia: I was on the explosive and exciting Big Brother 11.
Punk Globe: How did you hear about the casting to be a member of the Big Brother house?
Lydia: I answered a random Craig's List ad asking, " Are you a rock n roll chick who likes to play games and wants to win lots of money." Naturally I answered the ad not knowing it was for the hit CBS reality show Big Brother.
Punk Globe: I have heard that a few of the housemates on Big Brother had to go to several auditions for the show before they were picked. Is that true?
Lydia: I know that Ronnie and Kevin from season had been trying out since Big Brother 1.
Punk Globe: How many times did you audition to be on the show?
Lydia: Just answered a random Craig's List ad. So, once I guess.
Punk Globe: After the first audition how long is the process to be on the show?
Lydia: I know that the casting process from start to finish is a very long, tedious process. Lucky for me it all happened within a week or so . I got in right at the end of casting. My casting experience is a very unique one.
Punk Globe: I remember the season you were on... There was all kinds of house guests. You clicked with Kevin right away didn't you. Had you met him prior to meeting him in the house?
Lydia: I had not meet Kevin before entering the Big Brother 11 house. When I first saw Kevin I knew right away he was my cup of tea. His fashion sense was killer. I was immediately drawn to Kevin. I had seen Russell and Michele during my casting but never spoke to them.
Punk Globe: Is it true that your favorite Big Brother house guest ever is Mike Boogie?
Lydia: hahaha that's silly. I do think Mike Boogie is a cool guy but I gotta say my favorite Big Brother House Guest is me! I love me some me! Viva La Lydia!
Punk Globe: Now that Lydia is a great answer! How long did it take you to become stir crazy in the house?
Lydia: I swear they put something in our water to make us go insane. Hahaha Just kidding. Seriously though there is something magical or just plan psycho that happens to you once you walk through the Big Brother House doors. The House Guest know what I'm talking about.
Punk Globe: I am going to mention some Big Brother names can you give your thoughts about them?
Natalie: Lydia: Ick- Shower...
Jessie: Lydia: Mort Eyes.
Ronnie: Lydia: Square root of all evil... hahahaha ( He's one of my BFF from the house).
Jeff and Jordan:Lydia: Barbie n Ken.
Janelle: Lydia: Veto Queen n great hair.
Amber: Lydia: Tears (I feel for her though, I cried a lot too).
Rachael: Lydia: Big Boobs then her laugh.
Kayser: Lydia: Prayer mat ( I was pissed I didn't get to bring a yoga mat cause he got his prayer one).
Punk Globe: I had read not long after you were evicted from the house- that you disliked Michelle Noonan the most of everyone in the house. Then some time later- I read I think on TMZ that you and Michelle were caught making out at a Club?? Tell us the dirt girl?
Lydia: Oh girl's will be girl's and kiss each other out of fun when there has been too much Grey Goose ingested. Hahaha
Punk Globe: I think all the viewers disliked Natalie and Jessie the most in the household? Any thoughts on that?
Lydia: America had it spot on... why didn't I know, ugh!
Punk Globe: I know you are a Makeup Artist...Do you do musicians make up? Have you ever been in a punk band?
Lydia: I can say I have dated my share of musicians and sometimes I have done their makeup. Hahaha
Punk Globe: Tell us some of your favorite bands?
Lydia: Love me some, Rancid, Green Day, Misfit's, Clash, Ramones, The Network, D Generation, Duane Peters, The Huns.... I listen to a bunch of bands.
Punk Globe: I know you are pals with Kat who at one time drummed with Civet and dated Don Bolles. How long have you known Kat?
Lydia: I love Kat so much! She has been in bands with some of my exs hahaha I have known Kat now for over 5 years.
Punk Globe: Did Kat watch you on Big Brother?
Lydia: Yeah she did! Kat was one of my friends that was asked to add something to my Head of HouseHold basket if I won and HOH that week. Kat and I have some great photos together.
Punk Globe: How come you did not sport any cool band tee's on Big Brother like Evil Dick did?
Lydia: Evil Dick was a special exception. I wasn't allowed to wear any band logo shirts, I tried.
Punk Globe: Do you do alot of the Reality Show meet and greets?
Lydia: I do some.... not a whole bunch. I love to be involved with anything music,photography, art, or fashion.
Punk Globe: I was so surprised to see you at Kent and Vyxsin's Amazing Race Party! Did you have fun at that?
Lydia: I adore Kent and Vyxsin . It was a super fun night cause I was there with Kevin and I got to meet you Ginger!
Punk Globe: I recently met a nice guy with a Blonde Mohawk who had appeared on a Cable Reality Show that knew you well. Do you know who I am talking about? I think his show aired on Spike.
Lydia: Yes, I know who you are talking about. His name is Elvis Strange. No joke that's his legit name. He was on a show called, Bull Run. He is one one of the most creative people I know.
Punk Globe: Do you have any website addresses that you would like to let readers know about to keep up to date with your activities?
Punk Globe: Do you have any advice for readers who may be thinking of auditioning for Big Brother?
Lydia: This sounds so cheesy but Be Yourself! Find what makes you different and special. Focus on your story and do some research to see what types of people or stories haven't been seen on Big Brother. I was the first Effects Makeup Artist and I knew my style plus all my tattoos made me stand out.
Punk Globe: Any parting words for Punk Globe readers?
Lydia: Never make apologies for who you are and do what makes you happy!