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"Slow Torture Puke Chamber"
By: Pamela Torres
"What's next, Master? Tell me what you want..."
As some of you slobbering Punk Globian perverts know, last October I got to conduct a rather stimulating interview with adult film director Lucifer Valentine. Recently, he was nice enough to mail me a screener copy of what would be the final installment of his infamous 'vomit gore' trilogy, "Slow Torture Puke Chamber," which was officially released on DVD by Unearthed Films on July 27th and will be unleashed again in a sadistic triple box set this October. Take it from me: as a frequent watcher of video horror nasties, I can guarantee that this sick and graphic 75 minute David Lynch-style arthouse hallucination (which signals the debut of Hope Likens, a new actress with nice tits, icy blue eyes, and tattoos) is intended to make porn addicts all over the country splotch themselves with barf and semen. All three of Mr. Valentine's Lithium-induced works (the previous two being "Slaughtered Vomit Dolls" and "Regoregitated Sacrifice") may as well have been delirously jacked off to life by Satan himself.
One of the first new things I've noticed upon watching "Slow Torture" is that for the first time, there's an opening credit sequence! And it's a trippy one too with a montage of a bizzare, almost psychedelic 1970's plastic doll commercial for children intercut with a stripping black and white pin-up model and grainy stock footage of breeding grasshoppers and arachnids (which occasionally pop up again throughout the rest of the movie to symbolize the constant birth-to-death cycle of immorality). Underneath the sadomasochism, golden showers and buckets of acidic stomach-ripping tar puke, the basic plotline of "Slow Torture Puke Chamber" involves the reincarnation (if you will) of Angela "Blisters" Aberdeen, the 19-year-old runaway bulimic skank who sold herself into prostitution and was driven to suicide on April 5, 1994. The Devil forces her to appear back on Earth in a new body (that of Hope Likens) only to be ravaged and ruined all over again by rape, eating disorders, and an unbearable crapload of low self-esteem. In the first 40- something minutes or so, viewers will witness Hope getting violently slapped, punched and gagged with a liquor bottle by her "master" while at the same time she speaks in a candid, off-screen interview about the joy she gets out of binging and purging her daily calories (mainly fueled by the incestuous relationship she had with her father as well as his alleged attempts to kill himself with antidepressants). There are a couple of scenes here and there where Hope's depraved, whorish activites are cleverly intercut with similar ones secretly done by Ameara Lavey's now deceased Angela, as if the there existed two sides of an invisible, inter-dimensional mirror. At first, the two young ladies are shown in close-ups doing innocuous things like applying mascara and modeling in front of the camera, but then it escalates to masturbating with crucifixes and vomiting on themselves. I remember specifically one moment in which Hope and Ameara are shot in two separate places: The tangled haired Hope is awkwardly posing and crawling around in a white-washed apartment while Ameara takes her red top off in a hotel room. Yet, as Ameara stares at the lens and bends over with her perfectly skinny Karen Carpenter frame, it's almost as if she's taunting and humiliating Hope, saying "You can never be like me. You're just a fat, gluttonous pig and I'm too beautiful for you to catch up!"
If images of Miss Lavey squat-pissing on a drinking glass or Hope devouring handfuls of birthday cake icing infested with live grasshoppers doesn't gross you out enough, then how would you like to see a heavy, big-breasted slut in a fishnet bodysuit being hit repeatedly on the face with her own stained tampon or Ameara shamelessly letting a client urinate into her mouth? Yes, there's a whole lot of that in this flick. But the gory climax occurs when regurgitation exploitation veteran Hank Skinny perpetrates the most gruesome and messy botched C-section ever to be captured on screen since Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo's "A I'interieur." Oh, but he doesn't stop there. To forcefeed audiences the unrepairable damage that child abuse can cause in one's mind and heart, Hank bites on the baby's face, ass-fucks the bloody rubber fetus, hacks it to pieces, puts the tiny head and legs in an electric blender, and chugs down the entire cocktail only to vomit the stillborn guts over and over again in huge quantities.
If the baby decapitating scene in "Fetus" made you cry murder, then you better not buy "Slow Torture!". This DVD is not for the fucking squeamish!
"Big girls keep secrets...!"