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An interview with
by Pamela Torres
"I'm so happy 'cause today
I've found my friends ...
They're in my head
I'm so ugly, but that's okay, 'cause so are you ...
We've broken our mirrors
Sunday morning is everyday for all I care ...
And I'm not scared
Light my candles, in a daze
'Cause I've found god"
Ė Kurt Cobainís "Lithium"

In the world of cult cinema, most shoestring budget movies are made either for popcorn fun or serious social commentary. Regardless of where it comes from or who conceived it, a video from the horror, sci-fi or action genre is either given a once over screening or ends up locked away for decades in someone's basement. It's rare for a release to get someone's attention and freeze it from beginning to end. Lucifer Valentine, a controversial and elusive director who hides his true identity on the Internet, has recently evoked the most dangerous and extreme kind that I speak of. Still a newcomer, Mr. Valentine has made 2 full-length DVD flicks that, until recently, were only available for purchase off his own websites. The first, 2006's SLAUGHTERED VOMIT DOLLS stars Ameara Lavey as Angela Blisters Aberdeen, a sexually abused and bulimic teen runaway who makes a pact with the Devil in a cheap motel room and gets sucked into a downward spiral of prostitution, drug addiction, torture and murder. Part snuff documentary and part XXX splatter porno, the movie was shot almost entirely through a hand-held video camera and it traumatizes unsuspecting audiences with gratuitous scenes of masochistic violence, nudity, dismemberment and vomit gore. Lucifer's 2008 follow-up, REGOREGITATED SACRIFICE, continues from where SLAUGHTERED left off by introducing the Black Angels of Hell, a pair of stunning identical twin models who please themselves by massacring young girls and guiding Angela through a sadistic nightmare of death and rebirth, screaming and gargling in urine, blood, and sin. Since Lucifer is on the verge of completing his third and final VG DVD, I seized an opportunity to talk with him in an attempt to unlock his most private thoughts.
Punk Globe: First and foremost, Mr. Valentine, do you see yourself as a Satanist?
LV: Yes absolutely, I am a Satanist, always have been and that's how my parents raised me (bless their hearts).
Punk Globe: Although the extremely grisly murder scenes in both "Slaughtered Vomit Dolls" and "Regoregitated Sacrifice" involved fake blood and prosthetics, the acts of regurgitation done by the actors are real. In your opinion, is vomiting as much of a pornographic turn-on as sperm ejaculation?
LV: Someone, in my case I prefer a hot girl, vomiting, preferably on my cock that has been rammed down her throat in order to cause her to deep throat gag and puke on me; thereby, facilitating the incredibly fun phenomena known as Puke-Fucking, at which time I would take my Vomit-covered cock, and, using the young lady's puke as lubrication, fuck her in the ass, and from time to time, as she's being anally puke-fucked, I would take my cock out of her ass in order to perform a Vomit-style "ATM" or "ass-to-mouth", which means that my cock, now ceremoniously covered in the Vomit and Shit of my female companion, is momentarily removed from her ass and placed directly into her mouth so she can suck her own Vomit and shit off my cock! As you can imagine, it's quite romantic. Ain't life grand!
Punk Globe: Where did you grow up?
LV: I grew up in a small fishing village called Arniston, on the Western Cape of South Africa. My parents traveled a lot when I was a kid and were there specifically to study terrestrial invertebrates (bugs).
Punk Globe: What nationality are you?
LV: I'm so sorry, not to be rude, but as you may or may not know, for legal reasons there are certain kinds of information about me that I can't give out or my lawyer will kill me! Seriously! Over the years I have had a few actually scary stalkers and other religious fanatics who have threatened my life and threatened my family etc., so anyway the answer to that question happens to be on my list of things not to talk about publicly.
Punk Globe: That's okay. We'll move on then. The harrowing imagery shown on "Regoregitated Sacrifice" revolves around one date: April 5, 1994, the day Nirvana founder and grunge poet Kurt Cobain committed suicide (and also when Ameara's Angela character drowns herself in a bathtub). How long have you been a devoted fan of the singer?
LV: I have absolutely loved Kurt Cobain and Nirvana since the late 80's and early nineties. Well before "Nevermind" came out, I loved all their early recordings especially the album Bleach. I have followed and researched the origins of Cobain, Nirvana and grunge and of course that is why I named Ameara LaVey's character, Angela Aberdeen, after Cobain's hometown of Aberdeen, Washington making her the "Angel of Aberdeen".
Punk Globe: Do you remember where you were the day of Cobain's death?
LV: Yes. I was doing what I did everyday, which was taking care of my baby sister Cinderella, when my father came into my room and told me of the sad news. I just sat there in shock and said nothing and my sister, who was blind as a bat, felt my face and knew I was very sad. So she started bawling.
Punk Globe: What kind of music do you like to listen to these days?
LV: I like very dark ambient drone kinds of things like SunnO))) and the first two Earth albums. I also like Burzum and Xasthur and usually one-man extreme recluse kinds of Black Metal and Billie Holiday.
Punk Globe: What prompted you to conceive what's now known as the "Vomit Gore Trilogy?" Is it just to shock and outrage mainstream society or is there something much deeper you wish to convey?
LV: The truth is, and Ameara has said the same thing before in her interviews, that she and I were together and very much in love at a specific time in our lives where all of the combined circumstances of our existences and our personalities brought us together and it simply was our fate to have made "Slaughtered Vomit Dolls," it really didn't even seem like she and me had much choice, "Slaughtered Vomit Dolls" was happening TO US; I was mercilessly filming and Ameara was unbelievably performing.
Punk Globe: How and where did you meet Ms. Ameara Lavey?
LV: I was traveling to various countries as a getaway when I met Ameara LaVey in Canada, as I had been taking care of my very ill sister my entire life up until that point while my parents were consumed by their work. I had a few friends in the porn industry and at parties I kept running into Ameara LaVey, we always seemed to be in the same room and she was just standing right beside me starting a conversation with me. I thought Ameara was so sweet but to be honest I wasn't interested in dating her at first, but she was persistent and kept asking me to go out for a drink and so, on the fourth time she asked me I agreed to take her out, and we became inseparable from that point on. Ameara desperately needed to be taken care of when I met her as she had severe health problems due to drug and alcohol abuse; she was barely 92 pounds, emaciated, white as a ghost, and honestly looked like she would be dead very soon. Ameara was working in extreme hardcore underground porn when I met her and she literally could barely make it through the scenes without collapsing, it was horrible, she was malnourished and frail, and was also abusing her anti-psychotic prescription drugs like Lithium etc. One night at 3 a.m., in the pouring rain, Ameara was kicked out of her father's house with nothing but a small bag of a change of clothes and a carton of milk she had snatched on her way out the door, she knocked on my door and I answered to see a soaking wet, totally lost and nearly insane Ameara LaVey shivering and staring at me like a stray kitten, I said, "Get in here kid, you're mine now." Ameara lay in my bed for nearly three months and I took care of her, nursing her back to health, feeding her, clothing her, and yes, filming her. Since I have a Dominant personality and Ameara was totally submissive to me, we made a 24/7 Total Power Exchange relationship agreement in which she could stay with me as long as she liked, and I promised to take care of her and make sure she got healthy, as long as she did everything I told her to do NO MATTER WHAT and gave me permission to film her at anytime doing anything, absolutely nothing was off limits and it was all at MY DISCRETION not hers. So, as I mentioned above, I am a Satanist and an Emetophile, and intertwined with my taking care of the near-death hardcore porn actress Ameara LaVey, her hellish detox and recovery, and my obsession with the Death of Kurt Cobain, and our 24/7 Total Power Exchange/Dominant-submissive relationship during which I was filming Ameara round the clock, the end result is "SLAUGHTERED VOMIT DOLLS" and the birth of the genre of "Vomit Gore."
Punk Globe: How do you feel about reality television?
LV: Well I don't have cable or watch TV at all so I have only seen glimpses of those shows; I don't think much of them really, the so-called "reality" of regular human dysfunction seems silly and very petty to me, I guess.
Punk Globe: Do you have any hobbies?
LV: Ha ha!! Well all I ever enjoyed doing in my life was taking care of and filming my baby sister. Filming her was one of the only things that made her happy, but she died, so now I just make movies about other friends that I meet and that's all I do is make more and edit them. I guess I was born to take care of and film girls that are very close to death (which is fine I guess.)
Punk Globe: Some sensational rumors on the Internet accuse you of having an incestuous relationship with your sister. How do you respond to that?
LV: Well my sister Cinderella was my girlfriend and we very likely would have gotten married but she took her own life New Year's Eve 2006 which was the worst day of my life. Cinderella was extremely jealous of my relationship with Ameara LaVey. And since I raised her, I was the only man she had ever been with, so she always threatened to kill herself when I was away from her and with Ameara. Cinderella drown herself in a bath tub after overdosing like Angela does in SVD; she had re-enacted this to worry me many times before and I filmed it quite often never thinking she'd actually do it, one version of Cinderella imitating Angela's Death is in black and white footage right near the very end of "ReGOREgitated Sacrifice."
Punk Globe: What other artistic skills do you possess besides camerawork and web design?
LV: Mutilating beautiful girls that are my friends, and they sign contracts on camera and consent to me cutting them with razors and knives and drinking their blood and spitting it in their pretty faces, and choking Ameara LaVey till she passes out, fucking my little sister and Cinderella used to eat lots of vanilla pudding and puke it into my mouth and it actually tasted really good and giving her the strap and pouring entire bottles of vodka down Hope Likens' throat (she's the star of the 3rd Vomit Gore movie).
Punk Globe: Your flirtation with gore horror seems to have been partially inspired by the works HG Lewis (director of "Two Thousand Maniacs" and "Blood Feast"). Can you name any other directors whose influences shaped your vision?
LV: I really liked the 70's porn movies "Taboo" and "Taboo 2," I love Max hardcore porn because I like seeing those girls' mascara run and the movie "Man Behind the Sun;" I also was quite influenced by lots of Brazilian scat movies, I don't know the names of the directors of those scat movies but one of my favorites is called "Shit Gang Monstrosity". I also really like watching bestiality movies like when women double penetrate themselves with live eels, you know, they put one into their pussy and one into their ass and it squirms around, people used to always send me those like from Denmark and elsewhere and I always liked them and sadly they often aren't named or credit the directors but one was called "Pig Barn Fuck Sunset" and that was the first time I saw a pig's cock darting in and out of its body trying to go into the women's' vagina; the woman had draped a potato sack over her back so the pigs hooves wouldn't hurt her as it kinda grabbed her and fucked her from behind and I saw a close up of the pig's cock and it was actually shaped like a pink, fleshy corkscrew.
Punk Globe; Companies like Mondo Macabro are releasing a bunch of 1970's occult and grindhouse movies that reduce Satan to a caricature and use the Bible as a flimsy canvas for lots of gore and nudity. Do you care if audiences only see your movies as tired exercises in exploitation?
LV: Well I certainly can't account for human perception of movies, so, people can interpret my movies any old way they like! It would be really nice though if people would entertain the idea of completely abandoning any notion whatsoever of rational human thought when it comes to watching my movies and realize that art history and the history of film in general actually doesn't exist and never has; what seems to exist and dominate the disease of human mental equilibrium is the delusion and sad inherent dysfunction of human thought which instinctively imposes mental perceptual rules and conventions to the so-called human experience and human condition which then usually causes people to experience dualities; good and evil and so on which is totally ridiculous.
Punk Globe: Did Ms. Lavey do other adult films before becoming the star of your inner circle?
LV: Definitely. She had worked as a stripper and has continued to do the same after being my girlfriend. I'd say Ameara has likely done between 50 and 100 hardcore XXX films.
Punk Globe: Were there any scenes in "Slaughtered Vomit Dolls" that Ameara didnít want to do because she felt uncomfortable?
LV: No! Ameara tried her very best to do everything I asked of her, the most squeamish she ever became was when I had her roll a big fat joint filled with "maggots" (actually they were meal worms or beetle larvae). Ameara was afraid of the larvae at first, and they actually were quite strange and disgusting and they were kind of "hopping" around on the table in front of her as she tried to grab them it was quite silly and I ended up not using that scene in "Slaughtered Vomit Dolls."
Punk Globe: I have to ask this: how did you meet Hank Skinny?
LV: We were shooting Slaughtered Vomit Dolls and Hank was actually a close friend of my B Camera man who goes by the name of "The Black Kid". The Black Kid asked me if Hank could stop by the set one night to drink some beers as our shoots were always a party atmosphere with massive amounts of drinking till sunrise, however, I usually NEVER allow any outsiders to my sets ever for multiple security and privacy reasons, but, for some unknown reason, on this particular night I said he could come by for one beer and that turned into about twenty beers and I just automatically loved Hank! Hank was very friendly and funny and so we kept shooting and he was hanging around helping out with lights etc., then between takes he said that he could really puke up a storm if we needed some extra puke and I said, "sure man, why don't you jump into the next scene!" And a Vomit Gore star was born! Hank Skinny turned out to be a super star! He's the RON JEREMY OF VOMIT GORE!
Punk Globe: There's one scene in "Slaughtered Vomit Dolls" where Hank pukes into a pitcher, drinks the acidic liquid, and spews it out over and over again. Didn't he have to visit a doctor at all?
LV: Ha ha! No he was fine! Hank, like me, has an incredibly strong stomach. I think that's just something that some people are born with. Really, a lot of it depends on genetics and how dehydrated the person is and if their stomach lining has been corroded and is intact; there are lots of factors but Hank is a warrior and has always been fine health-wise!
Punk Globe: How do you audition for your "victims," as it were?
LV: I only ever shoot with performers that are friends or friends of good trusted friends. I meet people online quite often that are interested in being in my movies, but I only will shoot someone after a thorough process of hanging out and interviewing the person and making darn sure they fully understand that my movies are not a walk in the park and that they know that working with me involves accessing the darkest most perverse recesses of their psyche, and when I know they are capable and trustworthy I will proceed but no sooner.
Punk Globe: Who is the camera crewmember named in the credits as No One Body?
LV: No One Body is a very close personal friend of mine and was my Executive Producer for "Slaughtered Vomit Dolls" and "ReGOREgitated Sacrifice!" We started Kingdom of Hell Productions Inc. together and he helped me immensely with funding and promotions and wanted me to get a good start with my journey into filmmaking, I am now on my own and have a distribution deal with Unearthed Films and No One Body and me are still great friends.
Punk Globe: Now, were there any special methods used to get your actors to throw up on cue?
LV: Not really. I would just have my cock standing by in case it was easier for me to just gag them with it to get the puke up but usually it's just important to make sure that the vomiter's stomach is well diluted with plenty of water and/or beer and that they don't eat anything too heavy like pizza or lasagna with lots of meat and cheese. Gross!! Honey from "ReGOREgitated Sacrifice" asked the Black Angels of Hell to blow cigarette smoke in her face because it made her nauseous and it was easier for her to puke that way.
Punk Globe; Speaking of that subject, tell me who and what are the Black Angels of Hell?
LV: The Black Angels of Hell are a pair or incredibly beautiful and talented identical twins that I am very close friends with. I just love them to Death and it was such a pleasure to work with them; in "ReGOREgitated Sacrifice," the Black Angels represent guardian twin Demon Spirits, that are manifestations of protective multiple personalities within Angela that are guiding Angela/Ameara along her grueling path to the Kingdom of Hell.
Punk Globe: In "Regoregitated Sacrifice," some of the female extras had to urinate on the floor as well as puke on the lens. In addition, the film incorporated a lesbian threesome involving Ameara, who was 8 months pregnant. What other depraved acts can viewers expect in the final V.G. film?
LV: Hee hee!! YES! Those were some really fun moments from "ReGOREgitated Sacrifice," I also loved when I had the twins make out with each other, but um, yeah I'm not going to give away anything from the 3rd movie just yet -- but IT'S A REAL DOOZY!!
Punk Globe: Can you at least tell me what the third installment going to be called?
LV: Babe, I can't say!! It's a secret for now . . .
Punk Globe: Okay. What was it like to get signed onto Unearthed Films?
LV: Oh it was great! I mean, Stephen Biro is just a fantastic guy and very knowledgeable and a real fan of extreme films so I feel like it's the perfect place for me!
Punk Globe: Italian director Ruggero Deodato was once brought to court and was forced to prove that the dismemberments perpetrated on his infamous piece "Cannibal Holocaust" were faked. One of the Guinea Pig shorts "Flower of Flesh and Blood," (also released on DVD here in America through the Unearthed Films catalog) also came under fire when both the MPAA and the FBI mistook the video as snuff. Are you hoping your "Vomit Gore Trilogy" will invoke a similar reaction in the general pubic?
LV: I'm fairly certain that there will always be a few people here and there who can't help but overreact and let their imaginations get the better of them to actually think something gory in my films was real. I really can't help that, and it's kind of a compliment to my prosthetics team that their work is so convincing! Controversy is pretty much inevitable with what I do so I just make sure to provide disclaimers and plenty of behind the scenes' featurettes etc. to help people understand that actually my movies are a bunch of friends having a great time at a party that happens to be a film set.
Punk Globe: Are you planning to expand your harrowing brand of moviemaking into other genres?
LV: Yes, definitely. I mean, I wanted to complete the Vomit Gore Trilogy and really make sure I "fleshed out" Angela's story, but now that I'm basically done that I'll likely delve deeper into themes that I naturally am attracted to like incest, Satanism, necrophilia, scat etc. etc. and I also very much like documentary-style dark stories like "Black Metal Veins" which will be released next.
Punk Globe: I'm glad you brought that up, can you tell us a little bit about "Black Metal Veins," if you can?
LV: "Black Metal Veins" is a documentary I shot about a group of severe Heroin and crack cocaine junkies; the main character is also obsessed with Norwegian Black Metal. I LOVE this movie so much and I am very excited to sit down to edit it! I had some of my darkest and most frightening moments as an artist and filmmaker while shooting Black Metal Veins; characters FOR REAL died, nearly overdosed and were jailed during the making of this movie and I interviewed the families of the main characters and traveled along with them on their daily quest to get their fix, we nearly got busted by cops and blown away in sketchy drug deals gone wrong. I sincerely am so grateful to the subjects of Black Metal Veins who allowed me full access into their Hellishly disturbing and fascinating lives.
Punk Globe: Mr. Valentine, thank you so much for you time.
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