I Forgot I Love Courtney Love

by Timm Carney

Recently in my apartment, there was a CD disaster.  My storage system shall we say shit the bed.  CD’s were everywhere and needed organizing. The disaster was, as they often are, a blessing in disguise.  I rediscovered long unplayed CD’s.  I listened to tracks from Frightwig, Squeeze and L7 all long forgotten favorites. There it was under a pile of P J Harvey discs, Hole’s “Live Through This”. I leapt to the player yanking out Nina Hagen’s “Unbehagen” tossing it aside for another day.

“I told you right from the start just how this would end.  When I get what I want then I never want it again.” I had no choice but to crank it.  Ah Courtney what the fuck happened to you?  Everything! The rock and roll widow hated like Yoko, the mother whose child was taken, drugs, booze, boys and some regrettable plastic surgery.  Courtney Love is a bad penny.“Like a liar at a witch trial you look good for your age.” The Nasty girl from Faith no More married underground America’s biggest rock star and bared his child.  Flashing her ginnie on TV before it was all the rage Courtney defined the bad girl.  The grieving fucked up widow mourned loudly reading the suicide note at the grave.

Suddenly she’s an actress giving a lauded performance.  Mrs. Larry Flint how punk rock is that.  “Hooker Waitress Model Actress” Courtney scales walls, throws bottles, and ends up looking glamorous on the Oscar’s red carpet.  “When I wake up in my make up it’s too early for that dress.”  Another court date broadcast on Acess Hollywood; Miss Love appeared to be disheveled at the hearing and did not comment on the way out. “The devil’s driving my car tonight and he’s drunk.” Tabloids rife with rehab rumors sell the image.  Is it real? “I live in the house where the red light’s always on” Cancelled tours, arrests and AOL yards sales are just pieces of Jennifer’s body.  Britney’s possible mentor leads her life in ruins for you.

And then there’s Frances Bean; Kurt’s progeny raised by Courtney some relatives and nannies. Has she learned when to go? Has she learned to how say no? Did her mother teach her to play her father’s guitar?  Here we are now entertain us.

If Stevie Nicks and Nancy Spungent had a baby, it would be Courtney Love.  I am so glad I remembered I love Courtney Love.  She will fuck you up she will fell not guilt.  Isn’t that just how you want it?


Disclaimer: I have liberally quoted Courtney Love’s copyrighted material.  If she has any problems with she can contact me directly.


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