Standing And Ready To Deliver : The Rise Of Los Difuntos


By Mainy





Over the years psychobilly has waxed and waned (mainly waned) with the recent resurgence being spearheaded by bands that many traditionalists would argue have little to do with the genre.
Regardless of their views it's a fact that fresh blood is needed on a regular basis or any scene will atrophy to the point of virtual non existence. For some reason unknown to me there are people that can't accept that traditional styles of music can happily co-exist with more groundbreaking efforts that don't prescribe to a tried and tested template. Basically that there's enough room for everyone.
I would even argue that it's the bands that can appreciate that music is a melting pot that needs to be dipped into that will be the flag bearers of the future scene.
All I can say to these people is that it's time to either get with the programme, or batten down the hatches as you can't stop progress. Simple as that.
So that brings us to Los Difuntos. The latest band on the block that will suffer under the traditionalists scrutiny, but a band that could ultimately bridge the gap from the past and breath new life into a scene that could do with being shaken up to a degree.
Wading in with a debut that screams all killer no filler they've virtually covered all the basis. You want some punk? You got it. You want some cinematic instrumentals? You got it. You want a psychobilly freakout? Take a ticket and stand in line. Here's some coming up. You want roots? It's here.
Sometimes bands can be accused of trying too hard to please everyone. Especially on a debut. Some even go a bit nuts and throw in everything including the kitchen sink to achieve this, but Los Difuntos have stepped up to the plate and delivered a finely crafted effort that neatly side steps these common pitfalls.
It's a grounded album and imbued with character. Surprisingly so for one that's so aggressively uptempo in places.
I could rave on and on about it. It's just bloody fantastic.
That this band is currently without a record deal is unbelievable, but I can't see that being much of a stumbling block for too long.
I can however see a bright future for this band. They're going to make a lot of people happy when this finally hits the streets.