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Formed in 2002, in Leeds, after their previous band 'Pinkeye' split ,Sy and Deany wanted to try something different, taking influence from Swedish bands like Millencolin, Backyard Babies, The Hives and The Peepshows. Nij and Sy went to Leeds college of Music together where they  met their  first guitarist Stevie D. They  started writing songs together in September 2002 and played their  first gig supporting King Prawn in February 2003. Since then they have played at the Leeds Carling Festival in '03 and played with the likes of the Supersuckers, 4ft Fingers, The Hard-ons, The Negatives, Goldblade and Stuntface among many other great bands.

From the beginning they  wanted to mix classic Punk & Rock with other modern influences and they've never really changed. In 2006 Stevie D left the band to live in North Wales and they  managed to find the super talented Damian Van Wilde to fill the gap. They  recorded two CD's with Stevie D and recorded eight new tracks with Damian, some of which will be released as singles and some as free downloads.

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SY PINKEYE - This baby-faced guitar wielding whirlwind is the frontman, guitarist, lead vocalist and mastermind behind The Longshots. 5' 8'' of adrenaline overdosed attitude that could easily be the bastard child of any 70's Punk Icon. Energetic, enthralling and fueled on alcohol alone, he not so much plays his guitar but wrestles it into submission while furiously spinning, spitting, gurning and grinning his way through each and every show.

DEANY DEAN - They say that he was cloned in a laboratory using advanced gene-splicing techniques. That scientists tried to create the perfect percussionist. Half drummer, half genius, a miracle of genetics that would be made possible using D.N.A from Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawkins and Animal from the Muppets. Although the experiment failed something else was created. An Abomination, A Jekyll and Hyde, a Rock & Roll Frankenstein that by day works in a top secret lab, but by night plays the drums, drinks and drools.

THE NIJ - Easily mistaken for the missing link between man and ape, this Neanderthal is bassist and personal security for The Longshots. With an estimated I.Q of 40 his sub-normal intelligence makes him an ideal candidate for the job. So far The Nij has proved to be almost unstoppable, after being stabbed, burned, beaten, run over and the cause of many traffic accidents, somehow this evolutionary throwback manages to keep on going. His pastimes aside from playing bass are knuckle dragging and clubbing, literally.

DAMIAN VAN WILDE - Virtuoso Guitarist, Violinist, Pianist, Part-time underwear model, Freelance Gynaecologist and Serial Heartbreaker. A descendant of the infamous Van Wilde dynasty of Cleckhuddersfax. An eccentric billionaire playboy who studied at Oxford, Cambridge, and Doncaster University among many others. He has also reportedly bedded over 2000 women, although he modestly admits it is more in the region of 1500. Looks, brains and modesty.


'A sheer energy rush of pure punk with the sort of lightning fast none-more-rock riffs you'd more likely associate with AC/DC...' Leeds Music Scene

'Original energized rock 'n' roll songs that will bring out the sweat and have you gulping your beer so fast you'll choke'
Rock 3 Radio

'A mix of rock 'n' roll and punk which reminds, in equal parts, of The Clash, Goldblade and The Backyard Babies that fires on all cylinders... you can't go wrong!'
Punk & Oi in the UK

'Rock 'n' roll in the old style, pure, unadulterated, adrenaline soaked, unrestrained, machismo, shouting, riffing, pounding, monster sized sense of the phrase. Fast and loud, played with passion, dirty, sweaty and raucous'
Vibrations Magazine

'Sounds like Angus Young single-handedly beating the shit out of the Arctic Monkeys with his own guitar'
Empty Playground Zine

The Longshots

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Images by Amanda Lupton www.myspace.com/papillion2007