"http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> LIVE!!! FROM NEW YORK CITY
By: Jimi LaLumia
When PETER CROWLEY asked me to host/emcee the Max's Kansas City Alumni Reunion in September of 2009, I jumped at the chance. In addition to long standing faves like The Brats, Sic Fucks, and a Heartbreakers 'reunion' of Walter Lure and Billy Rath, I knew I'd be able to turn myself onto some of the latest attractions in NYC,as I had been out of the loop for a while, taking care of real world situations on Long Island. One of the bands that I introduced was a free wheeling blues band, LOW SOCIETY.Overseen by long time NY fave Sturgis Nikides on electric and acoustic guitars, the band features Miss Mandy Lemons as the vocalist,and she is a powerhouse, a blues belter from the old school; to put it simply, they rock.LOW SOCIETY has a full length CD available,called "High Time",and it's a must; get yourself a copy of this new release, and make sure you catch LOW SOCIETY when they come your way.

THE BRATS are one of the longstanding names to emerge from the 70's glitter/glam into punk scene that held sway at Max's Kansas City ,and the aforementioned PETER CROWLEY was sure to include the band in the Max's Reunion;they closed the show on the first night,and they recently invaded Long Island for a stint at Lulu's Pub in beautiful Port Jefferson,possible their first ever L.I. gig. Keith West,longstanding mainstay of the band, tells me that THE BRATS are recording an EP under the watchful eye of BRIAN YOUNG (FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE), and that the band is enjoying a resurgence of interest and popularity, as they have more and more gigs piling up.Stay tuned for word of the EP release, and of course, keep your eyes open and see this legendary band if they come to your town. Who wouldn't want to be be the "First Rock Star On The Moon"?

And I'm happy to report that we're almost done 'clearing' songs,acquiring licenses, working out publishing,and all that fun stuff, so that JIMI LALUMIA & THE PSYCHOTIC FROGS "Live! at Max's Kansas City" 2.0 Upgrade Edition will soon be available to you,featuring new, previously unreleased tracks and non stop music, all the drunken, spoken tirades/outbursts of the original are gone,and the result is that it rocks, if I do say so myself.It of course includes "Death To Disco",the XXX version of "Eleanor Rigby", the rave up at the end, "Twist and Shout" and "Boys" featuring JOHNNY THUNDERS, JAYNE COUNTY,CHERRY VANILLA, and DONNA DESTRI, the good old days. I thank PUNK GLOBE's GINGER COYOTE and GUS BERNADICOU for their unbridled support of this project,and MARK GAIDE of AUDIO CUISINE for the powerful editing/remastering that has sparks flying off the disc. You'll most likely see this early in the New Year,as there was more work involved than we first imagined.We offer a special thank you to MAX"S KANSAS CITY for allowing us to use the logo in the artwork, and of course, thanks to PETER CROWLEY for booking us in the first place,and mythic Max's soundman Bobby Belfiore for capturing all this on tape in 1980.

If you're not sure what to get your special New York Rocker for the holidays, get the hard cover "Rock Seen" by BOB GRUEN,the go-to photographer on the scene at Max's when THE NEW YORK DOLLS, JAYNE COUNTY, and all the rest were rattling the walls of downtown Manhattan.Once you see the brilliant photos,early days, of all your special bands, you'll also want a copy for yourself.Get it while it's hot....and enjoy the Holidays.