"http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> LITTLE GUITAR ARMY
By: Ms. Ligaya & The Floydian Device
They wore camouflage so you couldn’t see them coming… HaLLowEEn 2011 a plane with the hybrid ghost of GWAR, Led Zeppelin, and MC5 took a racon-de-tour over the Bermuda Triangle and crashed into a whiskey soaked swamp - leaving nothing but a blue cloud of smoke and charred school-boy uniforms, army fatigues, and a bloodstained lab coat. But no one told this boatload of zombies with AXES TO GRIND! LITTLE GUITAR ARMY hit the stage at The Chapel in Vancouver with ten miniature guitars, each one handmade by bandleader/luthier/guitarist Cal Thompson. The band is a sonic ambush of unhinged psycho/punk/metal heaviosity whose virtuosity is matched only by their NEVER KNOW WHAT THE FUCK IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN stage show. With LGA, it’s never long before the clothes come off and the blood starts to spill. This band is punk rock royalty on the West Coast... with core members and a revolving cast including musicians from The Muscle Bitches, Pointed Sticks, The Strugglers, Motorama, The Bombshells, Bug, Dirt, and… you get the picture. This was a gig so crazy it had to be immortalized on tape. A night so Damned Captain Sensible stayed home and locked his doors. We took some footage that survived a generous soaking of stale beer and cherry bombs and mashed it all together here for our Punk Globe Banditos! Another video by Ms. Ligaya & The Floydian Device for One Finger Films.
With Rock n’ Roll Anthems like 30 WATTS TO FREEDOM, MODERN SAILOR and CAN’T FIX STUPID, LGA gives the punk rock marching orders to ‘Carry On Soldier’ - IN THE NAME OF ROCK N’ ROLL!!!
Here’s some more on LGA from Vancouver’s coolest culture mag The Georgia Straight:
For more info on LITTLE GUITAR ARMY, check out: littleguitararmy.bandcamp.com, or find them on itunes & cdbaby.