September 2017


Jayne County & Jimi LaLumia
"Leave My Pussy Alone"
-the Story of the Single
Article By: Jimi LaLumia

It's no secret that iconic glam/punk goddess Jayne County is a lover of cats, and animals in general; in all truthfulness, so am I, although Jayne has a lot more of them than I ever did. (look up Jayne County's Cathouse when you get the chance..) In 2012, while making lots of things happen for Jayne (the CBGB movie soundtrack, her gallery in the Metropolitan Museum of Art "Chaos to Couture" Punk exhibit, getting Safari Records UK to put her Electric Chairs catalog up on itunes and Amazon finally, etc) I sat down and wrote the lyrics for "Leave My Pussy Alone", which would be the next single for Jayne and then.. it didn't happen; other things came along, I didn't have a musical collaborator at the time, and it joined the pile of lyrics from 1981 until that moment I wrote it.

Time passed, Jayne recorded with The Electric Queers, I did the EDM version of "96 Tears", almost joined by the brilliant MarkDiCarlo, but for bad timing and a period of separation; we plunged into other areas, all of us, until, not too long ago a mutual friend of Mark and myself, suggested that I drop Mark a line about working on something together; at the same time, Jayne had been telling me that we needed to do a record together, which I was very excited about, so, rather than write something new, I dug out my animal rights song, went to Starbucks with Mark,and acted out the lyrics and the chorus; he went home, sat in front of his computer,with his guitar in hand, and came up with the most dynamic music track I've heard in a decade or more; we played it for Jayne, who loved it, I recorded my vocals at Mark's house on Long Island, Mark sent the music file to Georgia for Jayne to do her vocals with the help of my favorite rock and roller, Jet James,and the rest is history (or herstory.)

The song has it's first 'lyrical' video, up on youtube thanks to Jim Long and Paul T. who did an amazing job of putting this together for us; there will eventually be performances videos, including a "Just Jayne" and a "Just Jimi" version, all part of a 4 track "Pussy" E.P. which will also include an instrumental "Fangs Out Rocker" version featuring Mark DiCarlo. I am thrilled to have written a song for Jayne County with Mark, and there's more on the way, so enjoy the ride, and thanks to Ginger Coyote for her fabulous comments regarding the lyrics and the music itself.

Check out the new lyrical video by Jayne County and Jimi LaLumia

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